Quality Policy Statement

RURO, Inc. develops an integrated suite of laboratory software products that enable customers to document, search, review, communicate, and monitor various laboratory activities and processes. A variety of information can be entered into RURO software. This information can be used for data mining, reporting, analysis, data visualization, and application development interfaces. These technologies are the building blocks for enterprise solutions that are tailored to industry or academic needs including laboratory inventory management, automated reporting and data capture, management of laboratory notes, and intellectual property protection.

RURO laboratory software is client/server-enabled and Web-enabled.

At RURO, Inc. assuring the quality of our products and services is more than a goal. It is a requisite for our business model and an expectation of management. RURO, Inc. runs Customer Relationship Management system developed with RURO software (Limfinity). It is hard to find a better example of an organization that relies on its own products for the business functions.

RURO is committed to developing the most reliable laboratory software that is available and to providing the outstanding service that is necessary to support our software. Every year, the majority of our customers choose to reinvest in the software support service that they depend on for unmatched usefulness and reliability of support.

The following represents our commitment to quality:

  • Adequately staffed and trained Quality Assurance unit
  • Annual internal audits with management review
  • Timely reporting of the software testing results and any related quality issues
  • Implementation of documented testing procedures for the release of the software products
  • Documentation and review of customer feedback pertaining to RURO software products


The quality policy is communicated to employees during the training of the new hires. It is understood, implemented, and maintained by employees at all levels. This process is documented by management through the employee evaluation process, the training procedures, the internal audit process, and the document control process. The management shall ensure that RURO policies and objectives for quality of the software products are documented in the Quality Manual. The management shall assure that the Quality Manual is communicated to, understood, and implemented by all personnel concerned.

Rev. 1.2

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