Change Log – Limfinity®

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Feature #14935 Extend ‘Open Selected’ function to work on more records than single page selection – ideally all found records
Feature #14860 Limfinity should not allow to import bricks created with incompatible version of Limfinity
Feature #14759 Dictionary-based UDFs should not be Quick-Search-able
Feature #14736 Baseline Brick – transfer a User_Group membership of a User
Feature #14685 Export parts of General Preferences with baseline brick and import into empty databases
Feature #14661 Limfinity should check versions of external PotgreSQL and Oracle database on startup and during DB configuration in VM Console
Feature #14660 Limfinity should check version of PostgreSQL installed in the virtual machine during upgrade/update
Feature #14648 Add color selection to Tool Group
Feature #14618 Add manage_email_templates right
Feature #14617 Redesign Barcode Printers configuration
Feature #14463 BRICK installation issues
Feature #14358 Add “User Group” Return type to Formula UDF
Feature #13451 Add Subject Type Permissions to Import Subjects tool
Feature #12235 Add multiple selection in the lists of printers and label templates
Feature #11724 User Management – Password Reset Screen
Feature #15053 Permission Checking performance improvements
Feature #15067 Performance optimization changes. Re-organize DB schema to allow more effective complex queries with less number of table joins and greater use of indexes.
Feature #10425 Improve workflow assignment features
Task #14683 Remove Display Chart tool from workflow editor
Defect #15018 Concurrent editing issues
Defect #15007 Need to rename the delete tool on the Label Printers list
Defect #14997 Error when creating new subjects
Defect #14996 Add new Printer tool – huge “Calibrate” tool
Defect #14993 UI.select_template_field does not filter templates by subject type
Defect #14977 Open Selected/Associated opens empty grid for some paths
Defect #14975 Date UDF input field uses wrong format
Defect #14933 Unexpected behavior of Batch Search
Defect #14920 #state = and #state != conditions triggered error when non-existing state is present
Defect #14909 unknown attribute subject_type
Defect #14904 The bell icon is not displayed for the active Alert
Defect #14897 Impossible to create an Alert with date as a Condition
Defect #14880 Impossible to add the Subject State to the newly created WF
Defect #14865 updating crontab for Scheduled scripts can be extremely slow and sometimes lead to exhausting all VM memory and crash
Defect #14841 “Email using Template” dialog skips a Required field and the field doesn’t keep a value “Administrators”
Defect #14833 Error when installing Delta Brick
Defect #14828 Nilclass Error when installing the brick
Defect #14827 Subject Type Groups can be deleted even it is used by a Subjects of Several Type UDF
Defect #14822 Error when installing the Delta Brick
Defect #14808 Welcome message does not appear
Defect #14800 Formula UDFs with navigation without Specifying a UDF do not return any value
Defect #14757 The Quick Search does not work
Defect #14751 Rename Barcode Printers to Label Printers in “Define New BRiCK” and “Change BRiCK Definition” windows
Defect #14747 Forgot Password email
Defect #14745 Error when uninstalling the Itemized Brick
Defect #14744 Itemized Brick does not remove items from destination system that were removed from source system
Defect #14741 Advanced Search by “Box” subject type throws an error.
Defect #14735 “Input Subject Type” field should be mandatory, in “Print Barcode” and “Email using Template” tools.
Defect #14727 DB queries do not time out after time specified in database config with Oracle DB
Defect #14720 Baseline Brick – impossible to modify membership for the user
Defect #14698 Query search issues with Formula UDFs in the path with reverse direction
Defect #14697 Snapshot made in 6.x version cannot be restored. After the DB reset the instance is unavailable.
Defect #14689 Name field should not be editable in Create/Edit dialogs if name generation formula is defined for subject type using subject type extensions module
Defect #14672 A message is duplicated when importing a file
Defect #14649 Pedigree Tree UDF issues
Defect #14637 Instance unavailable if the database is Reset or restore the snapshot made in a version (6.5.1).
Defect #14628 manage_report_templates Role right overrides other powerful Roles
Defect #14613 The system shows Label Templates only those that fit on the first page
Defect #14611 Error text contains HTML tag
Defect #14603 Subject Alert remains active even if search yields no records
Defect #14598 The system allows save objects with empty fields that are required.
Defect #14597 Search query from tool does not throw error when subject type does not exist
Defect #14560 Box Map is not displayed
Defect #14547 If say “No” in the login screen, the system shows “idp_slo_target_url is not set”.
Defect #14543 UDF of type USERS is displayed incorrectly in the grid
Defect #14453 Workflow tool ‘Excel Export’
Defect #14452 Workflow Tool ‘Print Barcode’
Defect #14451 Workflow tool Subject Report
Defect #14449 Impossible to create the Pedigree Tree UDF
Defect #14430 Unique UDF name is not enforced when BRICK is used
Defect #14397 When Report Template Name has Special Character, Download Yields an Error
Defect #14312 Sorting on Workflow state is not by Name
Defect #14260 Fix needed for Error Message
Defect #14172 ‘/b’ around subjects name for Error Messages
Defect #14004 Empty/Not Empty conditions do not work with SQL Formula UDFs.
Defect #13970 Advanced Search by Formula UDF returning User does not work
Defect #13060 Some parts of General Settings are actually part of configuration and should be transferred with baseline bricks
Defect #12380 New subject types don’t show up in dropdowns, unless the whole page is reloaded


Security #13575 Add secure flag to session cookie if session is initiated via secure protocol
Security #13584 Do not display nginx version number and OS name in Server header
Task #13592 Redesign User Activities Log
Feature #13895 Support for previous workflow state name (Formula: Text – Query Language Expression)
Feature #13482 Add RFID reader authentication whitelisting
Feature #13574 Migrate Limfinity to Rails 5.2.x
Feature #13633 add support for Ubuntu 18.04
Feature #10396 Add Configuration Change Log/Record changes to configuration in audit log
Feature #14036 Added support for using internal authentication for a user when LDAP authentication is enabled in the system
Feature #13770 Add an ability to skip several rows from the top of the file with reading csv of xlsx files
Feature #13162 Make it possible to dynamically switch “required” attribute on UI fields by JavaScript
Feature #13733 Advanced filtering for tools
Feature #13791 Add background execution for CREATE and EDIT subject tools
Feature #13746 Ability to add/remove brick item from its original grid
Feature #13854 UI improvement for Disabled Users
Feature #13645 Support Subject UDF of multiple subject types in Group Edit
Feature #13856 Ability disable hyperlink for Subject(s) UDF
Feature #7470 Add column to User Activity Log – Elapsed Time
Feature #14431 Subject properties view configuration
Feature #13607 Show expanded list of subjects for UDFs returning subjects in Subject View and Subject Grid row expansion
Feature #13632 Workflow Model Graph
Feature #10417 Separate field options for View Subject and Explorer (grid) views
Defect #14348 CVE-2019-5419
Defect #13649 Script reloading is broken after migration to Rails 5.2
Defect #13714 Import Subjects – Background execution freezes
Defect #13687 Penetration testing fixes
Defect #11823 User can give themselves full access to objects
Defect #14527 Users with local user accounts cannot change password during login when SSO is enabled
Defect #14507 Advanced search results displaying issues
Defect #14224 Misspelling in error message
Defect #12755 Subject Hierarchy Conditions work improperly
Defect #14208 If customization for Tools condition does not contain the action element the tool is hidden
Defect #14486 Permissions deficiency in grid view
Defect #13647 Unable to create new UDF – unknown attribute height for Property
Defect #14391 ‘Hide Disabled’ tool on list of users does not work if I am filtering users
Defect #14158 Filter on List of Users is not cleared after closing the tab
Defect #11258 Create Subject Tool Nil Error
Defect #13646 Script versions not displaying after a script is modified
Defect #14231 Group Edit tool column configuration issues
Defect #12688 Version-specific style sheet and CSS
Defect #14341 Extra field on the UDF of type “Large Text”
Defect #14086 List UDF Value in Grid View is shown as number
Defect #11378 Activity By User list does not contain today’s actions
Defect #13016 Subject Types – No auto-refresh when editing ‘Searchable’ atributes
Defect #13769 Snapshot made in 7.1 version cannot be restored
Defect #13758 Snapshot made in 7.1 version cannot be restored
Defect #11506 Viewing workflow model with nothing selected in “subject workflows” causes error.
Defect #13630 Script Versions information is not displayed in the Badge tab
Defect #13191 The status of “Search options” in drop-down menu is displayed incorrectly
Defect #13636 Installing Bricks issues
Defect #13635 Progress bar cannot be minimized
Defect #13624 “Generate Report” tool doesn’t work
Defect #13621 Generating Audit Records Report issues
Defect #14435 Related to StorageModule Box view: Sample records are not sorted properly


Defect #11902 Barcode encodings
Defect #13391 Subject attachments are deleted even if subject deletion fails
Defect #13352 Query for back-referenced properties does not specify subject type
Defect #13350 Preview does not work, when use UPC-E, EAN-13, Code39 barcode encodings.
Defect #13332 SQL Query Formula UDFs are not returning any values
Defect #13327 Filtering by “Choose dates” works incorrect
Defect #13303 Audit Record does not show changes for User Group
Defect #13260 params[:source_subj] has stopped working
Defect #13258 Itemized and Delta Bricks do not remove items from destination system which were removed from source system
Defect #13255 User can see audit records of tests they have no access to.
Defect #13253 UDF Grid Renderer is ignored
Defect #13229 System doesn’t show subject type for UDF
Defect #13186 Group Editor: error message is misleading when column is a “Subjects” field
Defect #13148 In Advance Search there is a’Add’ button
Defect #13103 enable PII flag is being propagated to remote job runner
Defect #13026 :required attribute specified in params[:udf_config] in Before Script of any tool is being ignored
Defect #12956 Unneeded borders around long and short names on the auxiliary pages
Defect #12953 Label Template With Subject Name
Defect #12906 Audit Record from Global settings does not display right records
Defect #12866 creator field on ToolGroupMember is always nil
Defect #12853 HL7 – Scheduled script cannot be enabled because of Brick
Defect #12842 Incorrect audit records are generated when object with UDF of type User or UserGroup is saved
Defect #12831 Map Error – Group Edit
Defect #12735 Database Reset is not working
Defect #12729 Audit Records – By Today
Defect #12726 Search Bar quick filters became case-sensitive by default in v7.1. They have been and should remain case-insensitive by default.
Defect #12701 Only 1 page of Report Templates is displayed in a list view
Defect #12683 Cannot Open Print Tool Configuration after associated label template is deleted
Defect #12682 Create New Subject tool – Read-Only option for Date/Time UDF is not working
Defect #12663 Subject grid shows 0 count for some indirect properties
Defect #12656 Password changing of locked user
Defect #12647 Group edit tool error – observed in r15648
Defect #12644 Subject names in drop down list of boxselect component are not html encoded
Defect #12631 Sorting in the list of advanced search results
Defect #12629 Batch search gives a wrong result
Defect #12624 In expanded raw in Users grid (and User Groups grid) there is no value in Large Text UDF
Defect #12619 Duplicate of Subject Type can not be created
Defect #12605 After expanding a row of newly created User, error occurs We’re sorry, but something went wrong
Defect #12582 Group Edit – Date Display is Incorrect
Defect #12576 Adding an UDF to a subject type from UDF list page throws error
Defect #12575 Printer Label Template Bug – Add Static Text
Defect #12574 Advanced Search UI – incorrect query is formed when ‘Standard Fields’ from nested subject are chosen
Defect #12562 Formula UDFs ans Subject Back Reference UDF cannot be assigned to USERS
Defect #12561 Date sorting – Sorts month and not actual date
Defect #12559 Glyph is not reflected in glyphfield in General Preferences
Defect #12529 Signature Pad UDF does not save the signature
Defect #12523 View options issue
Defect #12520 Error while attempting to edit a Subject Type
Defect #12512 Print Barcode tool displays Nil class error
Defect #12511 Label Template Copy
Defect #12506 Some Links from list-details not working
Defect #12499 Non-Baseline BRiCK – Users are imported without associated User Groups
Defect #12498 ‘Delete UDF’ button in Subject Type list
Defect #12497 Baseline Brick – users are not a part of the brick, but cannot be modified
Defect #12492 Nil class error in Data model graph
Defect #12480 Cannot Restore Database After Last Build
Defect #12446 BRiCKs – “property was not found” error
Defect #12443 Snapshots made in 6.x versions cannot be restored
Defect #12435 Error Displayed while Exporting (Publish) BRiCKs
Defect #12405 [CVE-2018-3760] Path Traversal in Sprockets
Defect #12382 When creating a new tool group, title is not required, but if you don’t enter it it will not show up
Defect #12379 params[:explorer_states] should not override grid config or should display some sort of warning
Defect #12364 Error – Access Permissions via. Hierarchy
Defect #12357 Tool is deleted even if No is clicked in confirmation dialog
Defect #12356 Generic Subject Importer incorrectly extracts first column header from UTF-8 encoded CSV files with BOM
Defect #12309 Barcode Printers link is invisible in LimitLIS – styling issues?
Defect #12284 Barcode Printer and Label Templates issues
Defect #12270 Forget Password and Username links elements do not have a transparent background
Defect #12267 LimitLIS 4.0: Contact emails not escaping HTML characters in picklists
Defect #12264 LimitLIS 4.0: Documents and SOPs button does not run
Defect #12234 Subject Name is Displayed for No Access record
Defect #12179 When Input Subject Type switches, the Conditions are not updated
Defect #12121 Cannot install brick having workflow states with the same name
Defect #12106 update_file_udf API call does not work when a subject passed by subject_type and subject_name
Defect #12084 Revive Pedigree support
Defect #12079 Issue with Custom Reports – stopped working
Defect #12077 Issue with ‘Copy/Paste into Selection’ for Group Edit tool
Defect #11939 Sorting Subject Types by column “Part of system configuration” throws an error
Defect #11933 Explorer: Edit Group Subjects – Copy Paste functionality
Defect #11893 Generate Report from the Run Script does not work
Defect #11873 Duplicate Workflow does not work
defect #11865 UI language in General Preferences
Defect #11861 Subject Back Reference UDF issue
Defect #11851 Update DB Schema for 7.1
Defect #11840 Maximum field text length incorrect
defect #11830 When overwriting dateConfig or timeConfig individual properties for date time fields, the form does not save
Defect #11824 loofah and rails-html-sanitizer are both outdated
Defect #11786 Non-Baseline BRiCK, Users are not imported
Defect #11784 Cannot delete unused UDF
Defect #11767 Default columns are created as hidden for newly created subject types
Defect #11766 Cannot remove UDF from a Subject Type
Defect #11764 Cannot delete a Helper Script
Defect #11758 Grid View – Admin level tools like ‘All Subject Types’ do not work
Defect #11752 Configure grid issues (Formula UDFs)
Defect #11751 Configure grid issues (Formula UDFs)
Defect #11687 Automatic class/module-loading from helper scripts is broken in 7.1 after merge from 6.6
defect #11685 User Groups drop-down menu does not show the whole list of UGs
Defect #11675 Quick Links that previously had advanced run script explorer tools are missing those tools
Defect #11673 Group Edit does not complete
Defect #11669 Helper script “quick_link” does not show up under all script search
Defect #11658 Any Email account should be used in Reply To
Defect #11574 subj is not set to current subject when evaluating ‘Ruby Code returning Query Language Expression’ type of Formula for a subject
Defect #11287 No default View Options for newly created Subjects Types
Defect #11285 Audit Log Does Not Filter By User
Defect #10424 UDF Grid: For Subject/Subjects – show type of linked subject
Defect #10120 Consistency in system messages
Defect #10027 System retains selections even after executing new search
Defect #9627 Formula-Subject UDF (Quary Lang Exp) – sortable option does not work
Defect #9235 Formula: Subjects UDF – make possible to use formulas in the middle of path
Defect #5074 Group Edit is not displaying the correct UDF column value.
Defect #5018 Page temp unavailable / something went wrong
Defect #4974 Copy and Paste down function for CHECKBOX UDF in group edit is not working properly
Defect #2095 Limfinity 5.0.0. – Workflows – Advanced picker tool does not function
Defect #2092 Limfinity 5.0.0. – Workflows – Group edit tool does not perform any actions for a subject
Defect #2091 Limfinity 5.0.0. – Workflows – Group edit subjects tool can not be edited once it is in a workflow state
Feature #13333 Warn about consequences of disabling a brick
Feature #13297 Need ability to specify explicit order of UDF in a subject type
Feature #13290 Add customizable workflow modules
Feature #13257 Add support for customization for Tools’ conditions and permission checking
Feature #13207 Make it possible to replace whole configuration during brick import
Feature #13147 Allow editing of UUID
Feature #13143 Show tool group references in Tool Manager
Feature #13134 find_subjects scripting method should not silently trim result set to 500 subjects
Feature #13044 Introduce an option on UDFs Subjects, Users and List to preserve order of values
Feature #13041 Simplify creation of bricks with locally added objects (which are not present in any imported brick)
Feature #13034 Add Ordered Subject List UDF
Feature #12993 Add migration scripts to Bricks
Feature #12828 Ability to remove system tools from subjectview component
Feature #12826 Ability to hide Favorites button in subject view component
Feature #12825 Ability to remove system tools from searchview component
Feature #12678 Allow scripting to specify the subject line of a notification email
Feature #12676 For Import Subjects – allow default to be ‘Skip Blanks’
Feature #12674 allow using keyboard shortcuts to toggle between open tabs
Feature #12670 Allow reordering of multiple UDFs in subject types, users and user groups
Feature #12665 Ability to set custom title for column config
Feature #12646 Change default export format CSV not HTML
Feature #12645 Add ability to include system-wise custom JavaScript
Feature #12635 Support ‘Subjects’ UDF in Group Edit
Feature #12617 Ability to open audit log for all supported object types
Feature #12612 Create Tool with initial configuration of another tool
Feature #12604 Ability to use Group Editor as custom field
Feature #12594 Add params[:custom_fields_place] to control custom fields place in dialog
Feature #12571 Add tool badge code to All Scripts view and enable script versions for it
Feature #12509 Add functionality to allow copy of existing Label Template
Feature #12494 Automatically install and renew Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates with CertBot
Feature #12406 Adding an icon for product online resources
Feature #12378 Add descriptions to the font awesome icons along with the code
Feature #12252 Add new option “On Right Bar as Button with Menu” to place a tool group
Feature #12178 Usability: Please improve dragging of tools into empty workflow states
Feature #12177 Auto-populate system name for “Name” property and add tooltips
Feature #12119 In search grid, move system tools to “kabob” menu
Feature #12114 Allow non-production instances to be visually different (system color customization)
Feature #12057 Add ability to override Subject Extension by module name
Feature #12053 Enable Clipboards
Feature #12052 Ability to customize the subject in emails sent from Limfinity
Feature #11923 Error message displaying wrong value
Feature #11920 Preserve the order of locally added UDFs when merging subject types with BRICKS
Feature #11826 Field defaults for anchor property for each field xtype
Feature #11807 Allow to overload before- and after- scripts of tools via modules in Custom namespace
Feature #11806 Allow to overload subject type extension methods via modules in Custom namespace
Feature #11805 Show “Forgot Username” and “Forgot Password” links on login page if the corresponding Limfinity settings are enabled
Feature #11709 “Add Subject” tool should show editable fields
Feature #11659 General SFTP server for use among Limfinity VMs
Feature #11656 Fix Alert Badges
Feature #11608 Reusable embeddable grid component
Feature #11606 Custom Report Templates improvement
Feature #11556 Add ability to include system-wide custom CSS
Feature #10426 Separate barcode printers & template labels
Feature #10423 Show “you are leaving this page and there is unsaved content” warning
Feature #10400 Designate users as “system user”, so they do not count against license allocation
Feature #10312 Enhance Group Edit Workflow Tool – add ability to filter columns in BeforeScript
Feature #8562 Allow for permissions control in Audit Log
Feature #8000 Barcode Printer Template Redesign

New release. Whole new UI. New Workflow Editor. BRICKs 2.0 functionality.
Feature #4206: Enable Script method for Workflow Transition – params [:file] = file.path
Feature #5331: Ability to move tools between states
Feature #5332: Ability to copy tool between states
Feature #5333: Ability to Share tools between states
Feature #5801: Basic IPAD improvements for usability
Feature #5802: Advanced IPAD improvements for usability
Feature #5972: Sorting on multiple columns
Feature #7535: Migrate to Rails framework version 5
Feature #7978: Explorer Report to export file based on UI view
Feature #8508: Allow European number format – comma instead of decimal point
Feature #8524: Add Range operator to advanced search
Feature #8635: Audit Log – divide Role right
Feature #9083: Allow showing Adv Search toolbar on formula UDFs returning Subject Lists
Feature #9643: Add Germany to the list of Country Settings
Feature #9644: Allow Advanced Search tool to display at top of all grids- specifically Formula UDFs
Feature #9879: Show tools from Adv Search results
Feature #9934: Order of columns in a list (and which columns should be displayed) has to be user-specific and saved in the user profile
Feature #10142: Change Advanced Search ‘None of’ operator function
Feature #10377: Upgrade to ExtJS 6.5.1, classic toolkit
Feature #10378: Upgrade to Ruby 2.4.2
Feature #10383: Replace CodeMirror with Monaco Code Editor
Feature #10384: Replace HTML editor with Monaco Code Editor
Feature #10385: Delete the calendar component from Limfinity
Feature #10386: Update Gantt charts to latest library version
Feature #10394: Ability to sort a grid by multiple columns
Feature #10395: Saving user search preferences in Limfinity grids
Feature #10397: Show explorer tools in Advance Search – missing add record button
Feature #10398: Better management of left panel (QLs, Explorer, etc.). Use new Ext 6.5 controls
Feature #10415: New Tool Manager
Feature #10416: Ability to keep extra workflow buttons defined in customer instances in BRICKS when BRICK import is performed
Feature #10418: Add a “Share” option to a subject record page
Feature #10419: General preferences: option to specify system glyph (to show in upper left corner)
Feature #10428: On background job completion, send user who started the job an email saying that the job is complete/allow running background jobs without logged in user
Feature #10712: Add ‘Generate PDF’ option for browser-based printing
Feature #10826: Role = User is not able to share a Saved Search folder
Feature #10827: Reports – General Report – Export List
Feature #10837: Add ability to upload system logos to display on login page
Feature #10918: Add ‘Add Search Condition’ as choice at top of column
Feature #10921: Change tool tip in Import Subjects to prompt users for CSV OR XLSX file
Feature #10969: Add ability to show UDF in Explorer list as hyperlink, rather than system Name
Feature #10994: BRICK Import improvements
Feature #11007: Role Descriptions
Feature #11008: BRICK enabling / disabling
Feature #11097: Settings & Preferences=>Users. By default, do not show disabled Users
Feature #11098: In User and System settings. Replace Country Settings with UI Language.
Feature #11102: Remove Export/Import to JSON. These are now replaced with Bricks.
Feature #11103: Working with UDFs in Subject Type editor and other places should support multiple selection
Feature #11120: VM – Ability to rename/set the name of the Backup Limfinity Database
Feature #11164: Mark subjects as “Favorite”
Feature #11201: Concurrent sessions in SAML-enabled instances
Feature #11212: Add ability to specify default sort columns & sort direction in grid config
Feature #11213: When background job completes, send email to the user that started it if they were logged out at that time
Feature #11262: Add support for turning on/off ELN,Pedigree,Box/Plate,Chat modules vi Limfinity activation
Feature #11265: Add support for Artificial Neural Networks and Machine Learning
Feature #11296: Add more login wallpapers
Feature #11426: Change the order of labels when printing multiple copies of labels for multiple subjects
Feature #11429: Disable ‘Activity by User’ option in v7.0
Feature #11569: Allow ‘No Access’ subj type Test to appear in Adv Search
Feature #11578: Allow filtering of queries by text and subject type

Feature #11086: Allow class loading to override any class from the base BRICK
Feature #11476: Quick Links should allow to choose a Run script and pass it the subj, tool and user (like tools)

Feature #11600: Make the “Company Name” standout on login screen more

Feature #10030: An option to produce Gantt Chart with AmChart is not enabled in 6.5.0 – it would be useful to add
Feature #10128: Make it possible to use functions for tool conditions of type “Run Script”
Feature #10146: Implement forced logout instead of session lock after inactivity timeout for SSO sessions
Feature #10147: Add new gem EmailAddress for more sophisticated email addresses checking
Feature #10224: add subject type extension method for barcode tag generation
Feature #10225: Make it possible to skip calling after_create_final when subject is created using create_subject scripting method
Feature #10233: Call before_create_callback subject type extensions when new subject being created
Feature #10238: switch to email_address gem for more strict emails validation
Feature #10309: Add new logging system that allows logging to syslog
Feature #10660: Inactivity Warning and Full Stop
Feature #10842: Added support for System Read Only mode
Feature #10848: Rollback of Feature #6217: Printers should be handled as any other object during promotion

Feature #8876: Add Uninstall Brick operation
Feature #9053: Allow to submit disabled fields as empty values
Feature #9073: Add init reaction for components inside active form
Feature #9085: Framework feature to allow Explorer Tools access the entire data set vs selecting each records
Feature #9105: Add shareable execution Context to ScriptRunner
Feature #9111: Add ability to put a newly created subject into a workflow from create_subject Scripting call
Feature #9121: refactor ScriptRunner._find…. methods
Feature #9143: Simplify use of classes and modules defined within helper scripts
Feature #9201: Add return type “Subject” for Formula UDFs
Feature #9222: add force_user_reset_password Scripting method
Feature #9290: Permission checking optimization
Feature #9369: Pass UI context (data source with all parameters, tab parameters, sort order, etc…) to explorer tools
Feature #9510: command line export/import of bricks
Feature #9622: Add new UDF type “Large Text”
Feature #9623: Show installed BRiCKS in About screen
Feature #9751: Add an ability to customize login/change password/locked screens based on a custom helper script.
Feature #9794: Add a flag to File UDF that would allow to access the file without being logged into the system
Feature #9957: It would be good to support ‘Custom UDF’s’ for workflow transitions
Feature #9958: Generate UUID for any subject
Feature #9964: Add support for QR Code 2D barcodes in web printing mode
Feature #9979: Add Chinese font support for Zebra printers

Defect #10034: HL7 gem should support decoding of escape sequences corresponding to misc delimiters
Defect #10376: QuickLinks and Workflow transitions don’t support send_file and some other retuning parameters

Defect #9238: Printing bug of Brady Printer
Defect #9562: Formula UDFs returning Subjects cannot be used in conditions with reverse direction
Defect #9882: Text Field and Text Area UDFs should be displayed with HTML escaping everywhere across the UI
Defect #9889: Subject permission is not correctly calculated for Subject Hierarchies with back ref links
Defect #9913: label_col is undefined – Printing using multi-column multi-row label templates
Defect #9918: Hide option to use functions on all formula UDFs in UI Advanced Search
Defect #9930: Show loader mask and disable Reload button while subject properties are loading
Defect #10003: Liquid filters are not supported in email templates
Feature #9552: Make it possible to set value for UI fields SubjectField and SubjectsField without sending lookup request to the server
Feature #9762: Add Vertical offset from the top of the page for Barcode Printers
Feature #9822: Add control of font size to Barcode Printers
Feature #9824: Enable various font styles for text labels in Barcode Printers
Feature #9931: Performance optimization for search queries with logical operation OR over multiple branches with UDFs
Feature #9943: Expand ‘call_external_service’ method for allow for :get HTTP method
Feature #9976: Allow condition editing of subject hierarchy nodes

Feature #9448: Support background execution in Explorer Subject Picker tool

Feature #8943: ScriptRunner.call_api should support GET and PUT HTTP requests
Feature #8986: Add before_delete_action callback which can be defined in extensions in subject type
Feature #9016: Improve Activity Monitor and information written to logs about running background jobs
Feature #9074: Add new mailing address parser library
Feature #9275: Add “rows per page” setting for Barcode Printers
Feature #9331: Pass UI context (data source with all parameters, tab parameters, sort order, etc…) to explorer tools
Feature #9372: It should be possible to use “Explorer: Subject Picker” tool without selection
LimitLIS – Feature #9014: Add support for HL7 2.7 new fields in segments to our Ruby HL7 library in framework

Feature #8708: Logout button
Feature #8923: Allow up to 50 columns in grid lists

Feature #5334: Electronic signatures using federated login
Feature #5571: Allow case-insensitive conditions for string/text properties in query engine.
Feature #6840: Add new UDF type: User Field
Feature #6987: Add activity monitor
Feature #7084: Add support for background execution of helper scripts via web API
Feature #7349: Add optimistic locking to Edit Subject Fields workflow tool
Feature #7444: Add ability to have workflows for configuration subjects
Feature #7496: Add priorities to subject hierarchies
Feature #7746: When selecting Browser printing, left offset should be set to 0 automatically.
Feature #8019: Make resizable and maximizable dialogs with code editors
Feature #8021: New icons
Feature #8022: Add Limfinity BRICKS
Feature #8023: Add scripting help
Feature #8024: Show UDFs for Users and User Groups
Feature #8028: Upgrade code editors to the latest version
Feature #8086: Show mini box/plate map in Explorer when user clicks [+] expand sign
Feature #8087: Audit changes storage refactoring and set_value optimization
Feature #8088: Add ability to customize subject list grid parameters
Feature #8118: New tool: Explorer Subject Picker
Feature #8119: Add ability to set audit log comment in workflow edit subject tool
Feature #8144: Allow to sort grids opened from scripts on arbitrary UDF
Feature #8430: Add ability to select time zone for each user in User Preferences
Feature #8485: All subjects should always have UUID
Feature #8502: add Subject Extension method get_tab_name
Feature #8506: Search grid UDFs should be filterable
Feature #8565: Add conditions to Subject hierarchy nodes
Feature #8656: Make it possible to edit UDFs of type Date in subject group edit WF tool

Feature #9746: Add an ability to customize login/change password/locked screens based on a custom helper script.
Feature #9792: Add a flag to File UDF that would allow to access the file without being logged into the system

Defect #7701: The maximum length of text field/area values is different if the database is newly created with version >= 6.1 or was migrated from versions prior to 6.1
Defect #7759: OK button sometimes is not re-enabled after error message is displayed by Run Script wf tools
Defect #7803: subject UDF as parameter, the search and add tool (the three dots beside the plus sign) does not work
Defect #7954: Subject List UDFs Do Not Permit Submitting A Selection of More Than 25 Subjects When Using the Search Function
Defect #7954: Subject List UDFs Do Not Permit Submitting A Selection of More Than 25 Subjects When Using the Search Function

Defect #7454: execute_query scripting method throws an exception when query select expression calls aggregate function against plain text SQL Formula UDF
Defect #7456: send_email scripting method does not send attachments
Defect #7459: Liquid filter ‘date’ is not correctly applied to values of DateTime and Date UDFs
Defect #7469: send_email scripting method sends emails to disabled users

Defect #3717: Quick Links – Editor’s shortcut opens new browser tab and does not open the edit view when editing a Quick Link of the “Link” style
Defect #4973: Audit Records are not clear when changes made to CHECKBOX UDF – Needs improvement
Defect #4996: Importing Subject Type with JSON is throwing error.
Defect #4997: Workflow JSON export has an issue.
Defect #5140: Error When Using Apostrophe in Choice UDF Values
Defect #5209: ELN – selecting ‘Edit Note’ option from the drop down menu is not functioning.
Defect #5846: Editing and saving with “View only” permission
Defect #5879: Advanced Search Issue
Defect #5989: Batch and Quick search options for UDFs Subjects and Subject Back Ref is not working.
Defect #6537: Signature UDF shows an old image in the subject view after it has just been updated in the signature pad
Defect #6551: Restaurant Audit link
Defect #6555: Using workflow tool to create User does not allow to edit the entered info if you make a mistake
Defect #6577: Clicking on number of subjects returned by Formula UDF implemented in Ruby and returning subject list does not work when the number of subjects is greater than 1.
Defect #6606: Condition script in Workflow Tools and Quick Links is incorrectly displayed and modified if a filter is set in a Helper Scripts view
Defect #6608: Group Edit dialog – method params[:edit_ids] = [1,2,3] in before script has stopped working
Defect #6658: API Guide Update – Authentication Token Example and Explanation
Defect #6659: Incorrect API Error Message When Using auth_token When Making API Calls
Defect #6690: User with role right ‘Manage Users’ creating a new user
Defect #6734: Configuration export tool incorrectly exports user/group membership information when not exporting user accounts
Defect #6735: Sorting of Activity By User
Defect #6744: Required fields in the ‘Add New UDF’ dialog box
Defect #6817: Group Edit for Date/Time UDF – entered values are not displayed
Defect #6906: Limfinity throws an exception on attempt to get audit records for deleted subject by ID
Defect #6978: Plural Name of the Subject Type is not transferred between instances during configuration promotion
Defect #6997: Group Edit – Subjects Fields is Generating JSON Parse Error
Defect #7015: “Open Related…” command should not open anything for subject for which user does not have read permission
Defect #7089: Advanced Search – Query Builder “At Least One Of” Does Not Build Automatically.
Defect #7134: Description of User Groups is not transferred between instances during configuration promotion
Defect #7202: Subject Type doesn’t open
Defect #7212: UDF fields for Subject Type
Defect #7215: subj.copy_properties_from scripting method incorrectly works with UDFs of type File
Defect #7241: Barcode Label Printing (IP Address or Web-Print) – for Date/Time UDF value only Date is displayed on printed label
Defect #7259: Standard fields (like Name) selected in the configuration of Edit Subject tool are not transferred between instances during promotion
Defect #7263: Sorting in Group Edit dialogs does not properly work on UDFs of type Subject and User
Feature #3039: Limfinity-FreezerPro Integration – Ability to add Sample ID and Sample Source UDF
Feature #5974: link the first and last name columns in the to-do list to the patient
Feature #6222: Dashboards / Scripting Datamining – Add Ability to Access Workflow and State History
Feature #6232: Add support for link directions in subjects hierarchies
Feature #6234: Add scripts to check Hide/Show conditions for Workflow Tools and Transitions
Feature #6250: Remove QuickBooks Integration
Feature #6251: SubjectField and SubjectsField should be able to display arbitrary field of linked subject(s) instead of name
Feature #6253: Add support for uploading Terms of Use (custom Legal Terms)
Feature #6282: Add ability to sort on arbitrary property/UDFs in find_subjects scripting method
Feature #6284: Add retrieve username / reset password functionally
Feature #6504: Move Console and RFID Logs to tabs. Add refresh button.
Feature #6509: Add Rails web console to access DB. From Console Log tab.
Feature #6549: QE: Add support for DISTINCT keyword within aggregate functions in QL
Feature #6596: Add new Formula UDF type: Ruby Code returning QL expression
Feature #6602: Extend Subject Hierarchy Editing UI
Feature #6647: Add an ability to send invitational emails to newly created users
Feature #6657: Add a new API call for retrieving users activities
Feature #6699: Enable support for grid column sorting from quick links – needed for Westox
Feature #6756: Allow sorting of subjects in drop-down of LIMS_SUBJECT and LIMS_SUBJECTS UDFs on arbitrary fields
Feature #6757: Rework Quick Search to make it respect subject permissions
Feature #6812: Make grid/context information accessible in Before Script of explorer tools
Feature #6883: ‘Accept Terms’ checkbox more visible
Feature #6969: Phenotips: pass two more data fields to phenotips
Feature #7091: Make it possible to send emails synchronously from scripts

Defect #3989: Subject Type GLP Flag is ON, get ERROR creating Subject with Workflow tool
Defect #4642: Badge in Oracle is not functioning properly
Defect #4651: Grid Column of ‘Subject of Several Types’ UDF does not use Subject Type selected in View Options
Defect #4749: Subject Alerts are not triggered
Defect #4818: Configuration import tool- UDF ‘Created by’ is not transferred
Defect #4976: Distorted Display when Editing List of Subjects UDF
Defect #4994: Importing subject with CSV file and date format
Defect #5000: Workflow Transition tool having issue if you delete and recreate
Defect #5015: Grid Display with polymorphic Subject UDF
Defect #5069: Date&Date Time UDF
Defect #5099: Microsoft Edge browser is not displaying ‘Session abandoned” message
Defect #5222: Auto-Populated checkbox – change to un-checked during the creation of new UDF
Defect #5251: list of next performers please be alphabetical
Defect #5252: help script pages
Defect #5344: RFID Controller VM status is not corresponding to UI RFID Reader status
Defect #5488: Advanced search with parameters ‘At Least One Of’ throws error if you do not have any selection
Defect #5797: Choice UDF value is not showing in UDF list view
Defect #5849: Privacy Policy and Legal Terms Links Display Empty Windows
Defect #5862: Add Subject Tool – Auto-filling UDFs – Auto-filling UDFs which exist for parent subject does not work
Defect #5866: API Calls – Delete Subject – Possible To Delete Subjects Regardless of Permission
Defect #5867: Date UDF field ‘At Least One of’ parameters is inconsistant
Defect #5876: UDF ‘Date Time’ search format is inconsistant
Defect #5921: The button “View Subject” and “Samples to be Discarded”
Defect #5956: Custom Report – Source Error regarding the Signature Image
Defect #5958: Enabling batch search option for Choice UDF is not working.
Defect #5959: Quick search and Batch search options are not working for Date/List UDF
Defect #5960: Batch search option is not working for Number and Radio Button UDFs
Defect #6013: Date info doesn’t reflect in a grid
Defect #6042: Subject Alert: Can not add more than one condition
Defect #6043: In Oracle DB, the UDF values are not displayed in Subject List View
Defect #6052: Dangerous send in AdminController getLookupValues
Defect #6054: Barcode Printer Config
Defect #6058: Advance Search- Unable to find subjects “Created By” username
Defect #6089: UDF Creation – Naming Fields With By Standard Field Names – Prevent Users From Duplicating Standard Field Names
Defect #6093: Signature Pad UDF – only be able to use Advanced Search
Defect #6106: 6.2.0 UDF creation issue (Quick Search AND / OR Batch Search)
Defect #6154: Custom Report (Liquid) Filters are not transferred when importing configuration into non-empty database.
Defect #6156: List of UDFs and their functions tested and results summarised
Defect #6157: Report Template – Undefined Method Error
Defect #6166: Add new record- If the layout is not specified, the dialog is empty
Defect #6271: Support Newer Versions ImageMagick in Limfinity Framework
Feature #4100: URL Type UDFs – Ability to use text as hyperlink
Feature #4971: Browser-based label printing
Feature #4986: Rename ‘Reports and Audit’ Icon to ‘Reports’
Feature #4988: Add version number to configuration
Feature #5082: Make it possible to render barcode images in custom reports
Feature #5114: Sign-in locking feature
Feature #5131: Upgrade TrackChanges component to the latest version
Feature #5169: Replace reporting engine with a more efficient one which will not buffer whole dataset in memory
Feature #5257: udf display
Feature #5329: Allow display of quick links, tools and transitions to be controlled by ruby script or configuration check boxes
Feature #5330: The system shall support the ability to capture a physical signature using a touch screen device
Feature #5657: Add SMS support to Limfinity
Feature #5658: Add Support for fax sending
Feature #5795: Allow adding new Subjects (from a dialog) with a specified layout
Feature #5796: Properly handle terminated flag (do not allow terminated to be selected in UDFs. Added vs Edit )
Feature #5798: 3 attempt lockout
Feature #5799: Support date fields in search panel configuration (qb_filters)
Feature #5804: Expand Box/Plate Map UDF type to allow for Numeric schema in Box View
Feature #5806: Support for HL7 messaging
Feature #5904: Add ability to display custom information/controls on the toolbar in subject lists
Feature #5919: It should be possible to change readOnly attribute of subjectfield and subjectsfield form fields on the fly
Feature #5937: Add support for plate scanning
Feature #5969: grid view for workflow tasks
Feature #5970: Audit Records for Pedigree Screens
Feature #5976: Viewing all ELNs of a Family
Feature #5980: Pedigree Zoom
Feature #5982: ‘Grids Renders’ for changing font not visible on subject page
Feature #6009: It should be possible to specify a script for Alerts which will customize displayed search results tab.
Feature #6217: Change the configuration promotion process so that printers are promoted initially, but not subsequently
Feature #6223: Add condition for script for a quick link
Feature #6287: Allow any custom color on a plate map

Feature #5661: Make it possible to tweak field configuration from before-script of any tool or quick link

Defect #5007: Batch search does not work for Subject UDFs (General/Explorer Report)
Defect #5084: Request Timed Out For Subjects Of Project Team BSM With Many Linked Subjects
Defect #5094: File attachments should not be transferred during multi-site synchronization
Defect #5095: Configuration import tool and multi-site synchronization tool cannot create new subjects if corresponding subject type was also created in the same transaction
Defect #5134: Configuration import in non-baseline mode should not erase existing baselines
Defect #5222: Auto-Populated checkbox – change to un-checked during the creation of new UDF
Defect #5226: Subject Type attached to (UDF) Subject of several subject types is having issues
Feature #5132: Make subject_details api method accept barcode and rfid tags
Feature #5141: Database backup should not backup attachments if they are located on a non-local filesystem
Feature #5213: Add RFID reader support
Feature #5214: Create RFID Controller application which will communicate with Readers and submit tag information to Limfinity
Feature #5215: Add support for RFID controller application to Limfinity framework
Feature #5216: Add RFID Controller management to VM system console.

Defect #4901: Next Performer Bug
Defect #4916: Some users may not be able to log in after upgrade from Limfinity 5.1 or older.
Defect #4928: Internet Explorer does not properly display “Session abandoned” error message
Defect #4940: Audit record is displaying the user password (UDF)
Defect #4951: Changes made in Group Edit Dialog are not always saved
Defect #4954: Chart and Graph template using subject list is not producing correct chart
Defect #4979: missing progress bars for background execution scripts
Defect #4992: Report export bug
Defect #4999: Spelling error in one of the error messages
Defect #5004: Global Import Error When Adding New Supplier Codelist
Defect #5024: Add/Edit workflow transition dialog loading too slow or times out
Defect #5025: Add/Edit Group Edit Workflow Tool dialog loading too slow or times out
Defect #5026: Automatic backup for internal DB does not work
Feature #4909: Add an ability to specify a sender email address for custom email templates in send_email scripting method
Feature #4953: Conditions in listSubjectsQuery Method
Feature #4990: Do not report network errors from background UI tasks
Feature #4991: Ignore first 2 communication errors when performing status polling of background tools and allow tool to continue after communication errors

Defect #2677: Text cutoff/not wrapping in Pedigree Tree
Defect #2722: Delete Subject Type – seeing several different errors
Defect #3687: Barcode Printer/Printer Preference
Defect #3754: Pedigree Tree – Displaying Internal ID’s – Incorrect ID Display
Defect #3755: Pedigree Tree – Displaying Fields – Displayed fields titles are outside the list container
Defect #3756: Pedigree Trees – Selecting Display Fields – Field highlighting remains after selecting a field
Defect #3792: Autopopulate ask_next_performer
Defect #3799: Editing ‘Role’ is not creating an audit log
Defect #3864: Subject types ending with “IA” or “iA” are decapitalized when pluralized
Defect #3971: Linking Patients and Records
Defect #4158: Some backref fields do not sort subjects in list view
Defect #4161: Embedding picture in the Custom Report PDF
Defect #4235: Support #415 ELN Auto-save?
Defect #4237: Bug #321 Image import to ELN
Defect #4240: Chart missing Axis label
Defect #4295: Import Subject – Browse will not clear to reload a different file
Defect #4296: The last searched Subject Type still shows up in Advance Search drop down menu even if the user has ‘No Access’ to that specific UDF and Sample Type
Defect #4308: Advance Search is throwing syntax error
Defect #4312: Batch Search Option
Defect #4313: Filter function for test results
Defect #4314: Table column sorting by ascending or descending is not working properly
Defect #4333: LOWER/UPPER search function error
Defect #4341: Search Result Saving Error – LIMS V6.1 ORACLE
Defect #4349: Permission Checking When Performer is Assigned for a Subject – LIMS V6.1 ORACLE
Defect #4374: Advanced Search by Formula UDF does not work
Defect #4375: Formula UDF not searchable as number
Defect #4376: Query bar with “Contain” operator and underscore adds space
Defect #4394: In list of subjects data sorting by acsending or descending is ot working properly.
Defect #4395: Selecting or deselecting Grid option for suject type in advance setting is not working properply.
Defect #4396: Import data is throwing error regardless of the format.
Defect #4402: Subject Type Grid view setting is not working properly
Defect #4457: Import Data using Excel format is not working
Defect #4463: REQ-107 Search Error Messages Needed For No Results Found and Timing Out
Defect #4470: Samples Import Quicklink – Upload CSV File Errors – LIMS V6.1 ORACLE
Defect #4472: Error message “Undefined method ‘audit_info’ for nil:NilClass” when CANCEL the Discrepancy.
Defect #4477: Embedding picture in the Custom Report PDF
Defect #4499: Excel format import throwing ‘rfid’ error
Defect #4509: Picking a subject from an advanced search is not working
Defect #4510: Batch Search with Subject Name or Barcode has an issue
Defect #4512: Users removed from all user groups when configuration is transferred to the instance in question
Defect #4516: Sorting out the column by CHECKBOX UDF is not working
Defect #4517: Date UDF column is not sorting properly
Defect #4518: Can’t manually change workflow state using enter workflow button
Defect #4528: Sorting User Groups by Users throwing error message
Defect #4529: Tab does not respond properly if you have multiple taps open.
Defect #4531: Report Template
Defect #4533: When a UDF is selected within Subject Type View Options and then Deleted, the corresponding column in the grid is not removed causing an error
Defect #4535: Date UDF imports incorrectly
Defect #4550: Custom Report throwing Liquid Error
Defect #4552: Rounding error in Group Edit tools
Defect #4581: In Some cases Run Script causes Subjects to loose Workflow State
Defect #4585: By default clear selection after explorer tool execution
Defect #4587: Workflow tool – Create New Subject is throwing an error
Defect #4589: Date UDF format in export is inconsistent
Defect #4590: Search using string transformation functions applied to names or UDFs of linked subjects is too slow
Defect #4591: Deleted transition not removed when dev config promoted to test
Defect #4592: Custom Report throwing Liquid Error
Defect #4602: Dashboard for individual subject with login script is not working properly.
Defect #4604: Users – Last Login / Last Updated columns sort by month
Defect #4607: Property ID not found error
Defect #4623: Advanced Search by Number Formula in SQL DB is throwing NilClass Error
Defect #4628: UDF Text Field import has different behavior in Postgress than Oracle DB
Defect #4630: Creating Subject Picker (Advanced) Workflow tool throwing NilClass error
Defect #4635: Getting invalid date error message when i tried to update subject
Defect #4638: Cannot find subjects with pre-6.0 style search conditions
Defect #4639: Advanced Search for UDF total amount is not functioning properly
Defect #4643: Sortable UDF option button is not available for couple of UDFs in Oracle
Defect #4644: Configuration subject types (dictionaries) should not be allowed to have associated workflows.
Defect #4646: Locked session should not be counted as an active license for concurrent user configuration
Defect #4654: Subject Hierarchies is not working
Defect #4655: In Charts and Graph the Subject names are overlapping.
Defect #4669: In Group Edit: Explorer Tool – of one of the Column entry is made Required and the condition is not met, OK button is disabled
Defect #4672: REQ-161 Panel Production workflow
Defect #4673: Sample Check-In Workflow – Initiated – Pick Vials From List Picker
Defect #4674: Whitespace in AQA spec upload excel file throws error
Defect #4680: Cannot click on link with >1000 records linked from Explorer View
Defect #4691: Subject picker (Simple) workflow tool gives access to the subject list to an user who has no access permission to the subject type
Defect #4694: Reports started from background RunScript tools via run_report or run_custom_report methods do not show progress and do not terminate when user clicks cancel or closes browser
Defect #4695: Report tool dumps all subjects when run_report is called with an empty array
Defect #4698: Report tool does not work in lists opened with “Open Selected…”
Defect #4699: Fix dependency checking when UDFs are deleted
Defect #4702: Date Range filter in Audit Records view does not work
Defect #4703: Audit Records – Activity By User – Filtering calendar tool produces “Invalid Date” error
Defect #4705: Group Edit over 1000 is throwing an error
Defect #4719: The list of subjects is displayed without any columns when user clicks on a value of “Subjects of Different Types” UDF
Defect #4724: No access permission subject shows up in quick pick drop down menu
Defect #4735: Do not show Formula type UDF in Explorer’s Group Edit
Defect #4749: Subject Alerts are not triggered
Defect #4750: Advanced Search with UDF User is throwing error
Defect #4752: CA 4.28 Numeric Titer rounding inconsistency
Defect #4759: QC Criteria Form – List UDFs – Using query builder to select criteria does not work
Defect #4763: workflow tools
Defect #4769: Batch Search – Error Message when pasting UIDs from General Report export file
Defect #4861: Freezerpro Quick Link 6.1
Feature #1834: collapsible sections on subject pages
Feature #1846: Audit for page views
Feature #2124: Notification needed when backup fails
Feature #2366: option to remove default house-keeping fields from reports
Feature #2638: Multiple Layer Batch Search
Feature #3122: Notes that link to other Notes ELN
Feature #3131: ELN Keywords
Feature #3132: ELN editing permissions
Feature #3138: ELN and Notifications
Feature #3140: ENL auto-save
Feature #3153: ELN versioning
Feature #3346: “Create new subject” tool on workflow
Feature #3474: Be able to export multiple pedigrees in one report
Feature #3482: Be able to add new Parameter to a Tool between Parameters that are already present
Feature #3605: Accessing workflow states from custom reports
Feature #3627: User Group Description
Feature #3766: Audit Log – Access Permission Changes – Access permission changes should be logged in the audit log
Feature #3767: Audit Log – Users – User accounts should have sorted audit records
Feature #3999: Sorting a column by ascending or descending is not working well
Feature #4044: export a full Ruby script to run in the VM
Feature #4122: Import with excel format
Feature #4154: Redesign Quick Link dialog
Feature #4155: Add enable/disable flag on SubjTool and SubjTransition
Feature #4156: Add show_workflow_state on SubjectType
Feature #4221: Make “Explorer:Run Script” no need to select subject(s)
Feature #4226: Move “Grid Columns” to “View Options”
Feature #4256: Usage Activity tracking
Feature #4257: Allow to open Dashboards and Subjects and to remove default Welcome Home Page after login
Feature #4260: Auto-populate Managers/Performers in Add State Dialog
Feature #4261: Remove check for selection in Explorer Run Script tool
Feature #4277: Handle view setting in Subject Type (Advanced) in Subject View
Feature #4299: Redesign Subject Type dialog
Feature #4302: ToDo List should show only for workflows that marked as ‘Show on Gantt’
Feature #4303: Add Plural Name field for subject types
Feature #4305: Add option to set font color on the login page
Feature #4307: Improve Data Model and Workflow Model graphs
Feature #4309: Add new scripting method to add calendar events
Feature #4319: Explorer: do not show Filter if Name column is not shown
Feature #4332: Audit Log – Ability to search by user
Feature #4348: Pagination / “Open Selected”
Feature #4363: More flexible configuration of grids and reports with paths and standard fields
Feature #4366: Implement explorer and search result grids using new column configuration
Feature #4367: Develop new sorting engine for grids and reports
Feature #4368: Change reports tool to use new grid column configuration and new report templates
Feature #4369: Add Change Tracking capabilities to ELN
Feature #4370: Adjust configuration import/export tool to work with new grid and report columns configuration
Feature #4401: Improve field insertion in Custom Report and Email Template editors
Feature #4445: REQ-152 “cherry pick” records for export across multiple pages
Feature #4456: REQ-114 – Excel File Import – UTF-8 error, non-unicode characters
Feature #4459: REQ-117 – Excel File Import – Blank File Error When CSV Created In Different Format
Feature #4460: REQ-128 Excel File Import – Ignore Empty Columns And Rows
Feature #4461: REQ-129 Excel File Import – Able To Import In Excel Format
Feature #4462: REQ-106 Pagination – Be Able To Export All Data Fields In Different Combinations
Feature #4466: REQ-141 Batch Update A List Of Sample Barcodes
Feature #4467: REQ-184.09 Print Barcodes For A List Of Samples In A Workflow
Feature #4469: It should be possible to choose one of predefined date and time formats in general and user preferences
Feature #4475: Move “Grid Columns” to “View Options”
Feature #4476: Make “Explorer:Run Script” no need to select subject(s)
Feature #4478: “Create new subject” tool on workflow
Feature #4496: Add params[:allowCreate] to explicitly show/hide a button creating a new subject from UDF of type: Subject, Subject List, and Subject List of Several Type
Feature #4503: Refactor JavaScripts
Feature #4519: REQ-116 Choice to Import Blank cells or skip
Feature #4520: REQ-145 Case-insensitive import
Feature #4523: Terminate SQL queries on timeout with Oracle
Feature #4534: add user method for creating a user for script runner
Feature #4538: Allow UDFs on User Groups (in the UI)
Feature #4564: Add Display Format for number returning Formula UDFs
Feature #4565: Add Subject Type choice to Subjects returning Formula type UDFs
Feature #4579: Show more than 100 records per page?
Feature #4588: Add ability to disable sorting for sortable UDF
Feature #4596: Add-3 Importing Excel files with password protection
Feature #4601: REQ-124 Support ability to import log10 values from Excel File
Feature #4647: Move ‘Save’ Searches button to more obvious location?
Feature #4658: Introduce new Right to control report templates
Feature #4659: Add require_modify_permission flag to workflow state tools and check permissions accordingly
Feature #4666: Exporting values in Subject List UDFs
Feature #4696: Make it possible to use run_report and run_custom_report scripting API methods with search queries instead of list of subjects
Feature #4737: Added an ability to assign Workflow runners through a list of user group
Feature #4743: Disable log10 conversion in Roche (CA 4.15)
Feature #4770: Add ‘Reset Database’ VM menu option
Feature #4799: In Subject Types grid add a column to see “Subjects part of configuration”

Bug #4380: before_update script from new version is not executed when installing Limfinity update
Bug #4381: Subject Constraint can not be created for MS SQL and Oracle DB
Bug #4383: LDAP configuration dialog is failing if a password filed has an ‘

Bug #4132: A disabled user still appears in an User UDF’s value list
Bug #4224: Can not set country to “Italy”
Bug #4225: Can not use set_value() on a user
Bug #4231: Can not use : qb.add(‘Task’,’Person in Charge’, :contains, User.curr_user)
Bug #4242: Unable to Set Static IP Address
Feature #4232: onClick=’RURO.viewSubject(#{id})’


Bug #2170: Limfinity 5: Cannot duplicate workflow while it is locked status, no error message
Bug #2244: ABC Workflow: Default Contacts not assigned by defaul
Bug #3151: Double click to expand comment view
Bug #3389: double-clicking Subject Picker tool button causes system to fail
Bug #3433: Changing lock screen opacity – #3043 Re-opened
Bug #3441: ‘Family’ parameter drop down search
Bug #3471: Quick Links – Tabs Don’t Refresh / Reload When Using The Same Quick Link
Bug #3484: UDF display for Subject Lists
Bug #3546: Advanced Search shows error instead of opening search view for newly created user accounts without saved preferences
Bug #3553: two quicklinks cannot be opened at the same time
Bug #3590: UDF cannot be removed from User or UserGroup
Feature #1841: search improvements: results order
Feature #1868: select all check box only selects current page/clears selection on navigation
Feature #1876: integrate liquid engine with wysiwyg editor (ckeditor, tinymce etc)
Feature #2351: Add search filter to “In Use” on subject fields
Feature #2433: Custom Report debug errors display wrong line reference
Feature #3209: Open a search tab from a workflow Run Scipt Tool
Feature #3385: UAT: CoC pick samples by group button
Feature #3395: restrict analyst to lab users in current department
Feature #3399: UAT: Improve “To be approved”
Feature #3442: Allow type-ahead for both Users and Workflows lists in manage ToDo dialog
Feature #3450: Allow UDFs on Group Editor tool

Bug #2932: Export workflow to JSON(Export subject type to JSON)
Bug #3038: It is possible to add the same UDF twice to a Subject Type. Once done it is not possible to remove the second UDF instance.
Bug #3093: Inherited Access permissions should only be available for Subjects. It does not make sense to have on UDFs and Subject Types
Bug #3124: Advanced Search for date fields
Bug #3175: Grid window of a Picker disappeared when there’re many additional parameters UDF
Bug #3206: UDFs and ‘Advanced Search’ Option
Bug #3207: In group edit dialogs Subject List UDF shows subjects of incorrect subject types
Bug #3210: Regression with Grid edit
Bug #3212: clearing a query field does not restore view to initial results
Bug #3255: Scheduled Scripts do not appear in All scripts
Bug #3270: Weird error while deleting subject type
Bug #3282: Run Script tool in workflow: “run_custom_report” tool – Liquid Filters do not work
Bug #3283: params[:read_only] doesn’t work for date type UDF
Bug #3286: Incorrect color rendering for glyphs in IE
Bug #3290: Background Execution requires enabled parameters like Confirmation Dialog
Bug #3291: Different paths are generated for files generated on the background and in regular mode
Bug #3292: File download error message
Bug #3301: Password UDF’s value will be displayed on subject view
Bug #3341: Subject Picker – Script Parameter File udf – Advance Subject Picker passes over file udf
Bug #3360: deleting subject types – accidentally deleted original…
Bug #3361: Scroll Bars on the Dialogue Boxes from Run Script Parameters
Limfinity platform at Appistry – Bug #3365: Gantt chart “click” not working
Bug #3380: User properties – File Type UDF linked to User
Bug #3409: can’t create new test package
Feature #3043: Changing lock screen opacity
Feature #3213: Unable to paste null/blank values in grid edit
Feature #3244: Display fields on pedigree does not sort
Feature #3250: Switch default Advanced Search condition from Contains to Equals
Feature #3265: LIMFINITY – Quickbooks Integration – add ability to disable integration in the Integration Settings – new label
Feature #3309: Liquid Filters should be global in the system and only admins can modify them
Feature #3310: All CLOB fields in General model should be moved into a separate object
Feature #3359: Add Batch Search on Subject UDFs

Bug #3124: Advanced Search for date fields
Bug #3144: 30 days DEMO VM can’t login when update to 5.1.4
Bug #3154: copies of the same UDF
Bug #3155: Unable to find subjects with empty or non-empty workflow state via script

Bug #1843: Left-clicking a menu item should not result in right-click menu closing
Bug #1987: Auto increment changes number in current field
Bug #2667: ELN Notebook – Set up only by admin account?
Bug #2851: Can’t search subjects by ‘subject back reference’
Bug #3013: Sample Barcode sort issue
Bug #3022: It is possible to have a subject which is in the same state twice (has more the one activate state of the same type)
Bug #3025: Subjects changed in workflow tools and transitions don’t have audit log records
Bug #3028: Error message when creating a new notebook for a subject
Bug #3031: Chat is not sending Emails 5.1.3
Bug #3032: Subject Alerts are triggered when conditions are false
Bug #3034: Calendar view issues
Bug #3042: 5.1.3 broke all date fields
Bug #3048: UDF permissions are not check when using group edit view
Bug #3059: can’t get datetime UDF’s time when it as a parameter
Bug #3064: params[:required] doesn’t work in Advanced picker
Bug #3071: can’t delete value of List UDF on edit subject tool
Bug #3080: Collab and Production Sycn
Bug #3091: Edit subject tool: there’s no scroll when editing a subject
Bug #3094: Check Box UDFs auto populating without a ‘Default Value’
Bug #3095: Email Notifications are not being sent to Performers 5.1.3
Bug #3097: Can’t get_value from created_by
Bug #3098: Unique constraints are not properly updated when new subjects are created from scripts
Bug #3119: Inserting hyperlinks into ELN
Bug #3121: Printing ELN Tables
Bug #3123: Printing date of birth fields
Bug #3127: All ELNs and ELN Notes that we made in the development server are not visible
Bug #3128: Show On Gantt workflow flag is not checked in Subject view and Explorer.
Feature #1710: Accounting system interaction (Quickbooks Enterprise)
Feature #2919: Chat. Allow filtering on chat title
Feature #3106: add protection from unauthorized modification of license.yml file
Feature #3112: Display “Help text” of UDF on subject view & add/edit subject form directly

Bug #2263: “Updated at” date does not match audit log
Bug #2802: workflow issue
Bug #2887: Error parsing uploaded CSV file using open_csv_file_simple method
Bug #2933: workflow tool: can’t add a display chart tool
Bug #2934: shared note’s name display
Bug #2987: List Type UDF value does not make it into params[:defaults]
Bug #2996: FreezerPro Integration – Unable to Save Vial
Bug #2997: Quick Links – Show for User Groups – List of Groups is Limited to User Preferences
Feature #2510: Limfinity 5 Pedigree – Display fields options
Feature #2944: The dialogue window of create HTML editor

Bug #2582: Date/Time UDF – Ability To Enter Time Manually
Bug #2701: Gantt is not displaying the timeline properly
Bug #2749: No scroll bar in some dialogs
Bug #2754: :contains doesn’t work on Users type UDF in query builder
Bug #2762: StaleObjectError incorrect message
Bug #2764: Email notification does not work properly
Bug #2768: 2D barcode does not print
Bug #2797: Subject tables (editing information in the subject type record) does not fit to screen or allow scrolling
Bug #2799: Group Edit Workflow Tool/Before Script/params[:edit_ids] not working
Bug #2801: It is not possible to set static IP address in VM console
Bug #2803: Sync between Appistry prod and collab servers
Bug #2819: Add audit trails for changing user’s role and user’s groups
Bug #2823: In User Groups dialog, there is no pagination for users list
Bug #2825: Chinese chars import
Bug #2829: Improve error handling
Bug #2835: User Groups – Display Pagination – All User Groups Are Displayed, Regardless of User Preferences
Bug #2836: Chat – No Pagination For Subscribing Users/Groups
Feature #2715: UDPICS URL for subject types
Feature #2728: Notification pop-up within UDPICS
Feature #2750: Added subject current state column to reports generated with report templates
Feature #2792: Add ability to clear Subject UDF
Feature #2793: Add ability to add/remove subject types to/from LIMS_SUBJECT UDF
Feature #2795: Add Sync With LDAP option to VM console
Feature #2842: Ability to provide extra data to custom report template
Support #2756: UDF help text

Bug #2721: Pedigree: When adding Son/Daughter from UDP_XXX it does not link to the correct UDP patient
Bug #2723: HTML editor UDF can’t be created.
Bug #2724: Chinese characters in PDFs
Bug #2725: Display name,Database backup/restore info,email notification info can’t be saved in VM.
Bug #2726: Limfinity 5.1.0 – Subject Workflows – Workflow Tools – Conditions are not functioning properly
Bug #2729: LIMF5.1 – Settings and Preferences/Subject Types/Duplicate Subject Type – this operation does not work
Feature #2730: Add monozygotic twin relationship in the pedigree tool

Fixed: Updated server-side underlying frameworks to latest versions
Added: Additional support tools for high-visibility, high-availability deployments
Added: Comprehensive configuration transfer feature set
Added: Enhanced configuration versioning management
Added: Expanded toolset for customizing views, graphs and reports with real-time previews
Added: Expanded feature set for formula-type UDFs

New Release
Added: New User Interface streamlined according to yearlong customer feedback initiative
Fixed: Updated GUI frameworks. Upgraded technology stack to support latest web application technologies
Added: High resolution displays with scalable vector graphics
Added: New freezer box, live/real-time mapping and other graphical displays in system UI
Added: Enhanced security model supporting extremely intricate data sequestration
Fixed: Optimized for Cloud deployment, including Amazon, Microsoft Azure and others

Bug #1356: Email Notification Template
Bug #1488: LIMS4 search menus are confusing to navigate
Feature #1345: export time
Feature #1401: View Subject link doesn’t redirect to the discussion and also lands in the blank main page when not previously logged-in
Feature #1485: LIMS should not send the content of the chat/disussion in the notification e-mail
Feature #1513: add strong password checking (internal notification only)
Fixed: Improved Custom Report Template. Add option to process a list of subjects
Fixed: Advanced Search fixes. Properly store last searched SubjectType
Added: New login Screen with custom headers
Added: Latest Liquid template plugin

Bug #1302: LIMS4.1.11 has a table display bug for subjects downstream of polymorphic UDFs
Bug #1310: LIMS 4.1.11 When a single UDF is used in multiple subjects, CSV report tables displaying that UDF are corrupt
Bug #1313: Cannot enable users in the collaboration server
Bug #1317: fails to create user defined fields of type Subject Group Back Reference
Bug #1339: LIMS4 still has bug related to reported and displayed page length
Bug #1342: Glycomics subject type is not editable
Bug #1343: Pedigree doesn’t support two sets of grandparents
Bug #1344: not empty /empty criteria don’t work in advanced search
Bug #1410: subject workflows page displays 2 pages but there is a single page
Bug #1411: script tool won’t open in the development server
Bug #1416: removed UDF persists in Grid View Options
Bug #1417: UDF listing when filling in forms
Bug #1434: Friday Meeting notes quick link doesn’t save the Patient designation
Bug #1452: File ‘bucket’ upload logs the user out of the system
Bug #1456: multiple patient edit issue
Feature #1376: active logged-on users list display
Feature #1404: show/hide disabled users icon/checkbox on users page
Support #1432: vials link between freezerrpro and lims is broken
Fix : cleanup DB links when a UDF is removed
Fix : Syncronization service
Fix : Improved import performace
Feature : Added indication for logged in users in User grid view
Feature : Improved perfomace of BREF UDFs in grid views


Fix: DB schema for Oracle DB

Bug #1127: advanced search bug
Bug #1178: Automatic completion of drop-down fields
Bug #1184: Back reference not displaying all records
Bug #1198: ‘Vials’ subject type table not displaying records
Bug #1231: Unable to edit the ‘Friday Meeting Notes’ subject type
Bug #1237: Inquiry state brings up a blank record
Feature #1076: Pedigree – Relationship Additions
Feature #1104: todo list sort and filter
Feature #1159: show message() displays an icon that has a X and red color which suggests “error” or something wrong
Feature #1185: Sorting Searches
Feature #1192: name of the form used for tools should appear on the edit screen in workflow editor
Feature #1193: tool hiding based on rules
Feature #1213: custom error message display if transition conditions are not met
Feature #1217: [“not-empty”;”empty”] added to conditions list in “advanced search”
Feature #1222: advanced search doesn’t allow searching workflow states of conneted subject types
Feature #1246: LIMS should include gender and DOB in phenotips calls

Bug #1151: Double pedigree
Bug #1152: Advanced Search Issue
Bug #1154: export workflow json for “Exome Analytics Workflow” doesn’t work
Bug #1158: quick link edit properties should allow for selecting more than one user group to display the quick link for
Bug #1177: Advanced search report printing
Feature #1008: affected status in pedigree tool
Feature #1084: login when another session is active on another computer
Feature #1155: Banner needs to appear on the log-in screen
Feature #1185: Sorting Searches

Fix type-a-head for add to project dialog

Fixed group values

Allow formatting of numeric UDFs
Fix pagination in Advance Search
Allow type-ahead and proper pagination when selecting projects/subjects
Reports PDF fix
Fix: search with :ne condition (“Not equal” search logic fixed)
Fix: import for terminated flag
Fix: date parsing

Fix saving subject with empty list UDF

Fix pagination of seach pages

Fix unique subject name generation

Fixed update procedure

Fix import with default values

Fix installation procedure

Added new indexes

Added email notifications

Added Batch Search to Actions
New query field ‘Creation Date’ in API
Terminated flag is now standard in reports and Import. Acceptable Values (True / False or Yes / No)
Set Default UDF values during Import
New update procedure

Batch search for subjects added
Reports for audit trail
Option to get Audit Log for any subject

Report Builder added

Fix for API (UDF with the name Description failed to render via API)

Option to display data model diagram
API polishes – user_fields parameter added
Option to set access levels to User Fields
Option to specify renderers for User Fields

JSON API to return Projects with proper separator (;)
Fix for default value in UDF of type list causing empty dialog for existing subjects

JSON API calls naming reworked (consistent attribute naming in search/import calls)
Option to run External plugins on Subject Tasks
Option to print to local IP printers (client-side printing)
New Group Subject editing

Charts & Graphs
Email Templates for LIMS events
Quick Links for Simpler UI

New graphical theme
Performance improvements
New project permission model
Option to set permitted Tasks for User Groups
Option to search “Upstream” properties in Advanced Search
Option to call External Plugin when running Subject Tasks
Saved searched are now per-user
New “Import” right – allows import of subjects/projects
Fixed advanced search ignoring the third search condition

New datamining engine
Options to search “downstream” in the process chain
Option to expand the UI with custom plugins

Barcode printing added
Tasks and processes support added
Option to set project permissions added

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