Limfinity Consent Management (CS)

Patient Consent Management

Limfinity® CS leverages the expansive platform of RURO’s Limfinity® solution to create a simple and cloud-based Patient/Participant Consent Management and Tracking for clinical trial support. It is a central system to monitor and track patient/participant consent and enrollment across any number of sites. Limfinity® CS, or ConsentStar®, offers a modern, clean and intuitive interface with trial participation information, forms, and scheduling at their fingertips. Patients can access ConsentStar® through the web browser on any smartphone, laptop, or similar device.

With Limfinity® CS, it is easy to modernize your lab! Automatically track enrollment, capture participant information and forms online, and perform ID validation with 21 CFR Part 11 and HIPAA compliant access available 24/7 from Limfinity® CS.


Key Capabilities

ConsentStar® leverages the Limfinity® framework to provide customers with the ability to expand it to address unique system requirements.

  • Document Management
  • Patient Dashboards
  • Video & Audio Support
  • Pre-Validated
  • Best-In-Class Integration
  • Remote access
  • Smart document management
  • Cloud Based




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