LimitLIS® Hematology & Clinical Chemistry

Simple and Robust

LimitLIS® HCCE is a robust edition that is designed for wellness blood screens and blood and chemistry testing.


LimitLIS® Cloud

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LimitLIS® Cloud

Cutting Edge Features

With LimitLIS® HCCE’s extensive list of built-in features, you’re lab will receive the best LIS system on the market.

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LimitLIS® Cloud

Cloud Based

LimitLIS® Hematology and Clinical Chemistry Edition is one of only a few cloud-based systems available, eliminating the need for dedicated IT staff.

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The Ideal Solution

LimitLIS® Hematology and Clinical Chemistry Edition sets itself apart from other LIS solutions.

Expansive and Flexible

Built on top of the robust, powerful Limfinity® platform, LimitLIS® HCCE decreases turnaround time by making result reports available immediately upon release, optimizes revenue while reducing staffing costs, bi-directionally integrates with all your analyzers and instruments, and is expansive and flexible to meet the unique needs of your laboratory.

Free Trial

See for yourself how LimitLIS® HCCE can help run your lab with a free, convenient 14-day online trial. Explore the system’s extensive features at your own pace and remember, RURO experts are available to answer your questions and provide input every step of the way.

Cloud Connectivity

LimitLIS® Cloud: Hematology & Clinical Chemistry Edition is a modern, cloud-based laboratory information system designed for laboratories performing wellness blood screens and all types of blood and clinical chemistry tests.




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