Features & Benefits



  • HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based LIS
  • Paperless e-requisitions and e-results
  • Client and physician portals
  • Collection kit management, barcoding and sample registration
  • Auto-generated medical necessity forms for each requisition
  • Batch creation and management
  • Comprehensive, full-featured Storage Module with virtual freezers,
  • box/well plate maps, barcode lookup and batch check-in/check-out
  • Direct and file drop interfaces to molecular instruments
  • HL7 Interfaces to billing, EHR providers and reference laboratories QC,
  • document and SOP management


Integrated communications module

Enables your customer support reps to message your clients directly and securely within LimitLIS® HCCE, speeding up issue resolution

Results and test data

Flow seamlessly from instruments into LimitLIS® HCCE. Clients can enter electronic requisitions and view released result reports directly in the client portal.

Sample minimal and optimal volumes

Automatically computed for each aliquot on accessioning. Customizable validation rules enforce volume checks for each aliquot informing the phlebotomist of the correct draw amount

Preliminary and final result

Reports are securely delivered via the Client Portal, e-mail and fax ensuring the fastest turnaround and client satisfaction. Results for tests performed at sendout labs are seamlessly merged into your outgoing result reports.

Storage Module keeps track of samples

Boxes and freezers, and enables lab staff to quickly look up and store samples in long-term storage. Set aside freezers and boxes for specific testing methods and know exactly where each sample is at any time without opening the freezer door.

Integration with RCM

Billing solutions reduces staffing costs, minimizes payment delays due to mistakes, and ensures completion of orders submitted on paper using configurable validation rules in LimitLIS®

Limfinity®’s unparalleled configuration

Capability supports any calculation or implementation of your unique calculation or formula, eliminating the need to do manually perform data analysis in Excel.

Diagnostic data is automatically transmitted

EMR/EHR providers through bidirectional interfaces. The ability to integrate with electronic health record software eliminates manual data entry errors and reduce data entry and turnaround time.




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