LimitLIS® Toxicology

Smart & Effective

LimitLIS Toxicology is a highly specialized tool that is essential for modern laboratories.


LimitLIS® Cloud

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LimitLIS® Cloud

All Features, No Frills

With LimitLIS® Toxicology’s extensive list of built-in features, there’s no need for customization – or the time and money that comes with it.

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LimitLIS® Cloud

Cloud Based

LimitLIS® Toxicology is one of only a few cloud-based tox systems available, eliminating the need for dedicated IT staff.

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Specialized, Top-Shelf LIS Solution

Intuitive, efficient, and loaded with features, LimitLIS® Toxicology
is your complete solution for a modern laboratory with expansive capabilities.

Exceptional Accuracy

Nothing is more important than maintaining a high level of accuracy, and LimitLIS® Toxicology makes it easier than ever. The system automatically limits one sample per patient per day, produces reports to indicate consistent or inconsistent results, and allows for POCT and POCT result tracking.

Rapid Deployment

No need to waste time inputting common tests, flags, forms, and instruments: the software comes with all that information already in place, and should you need to add specialized information, adding data is quick and easy.

Seamless Communication

In addition to integrating with many commonly-used instruments, LimitLIS® Toxicology includes a client portal and communications model with the ability to upload different attachments to patients and facilities.

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LimitLIS® Toxicology is a cloud solution that can be deployed immediately with no need
for dedicated IT staff. Just click the link, log in, and start using your new solution.


The Ideal Solution

LimitLIS® Toxicology sets itself apart from other LIS solutions.

Ease of Use

Every feature of LimitLIS® Toxicology was designed to be
exceptionally intuitive and user-friendly. Cut down the time and expense
of a steep learning curve, and ensure everyone in your lab is using the
system with ease

Dedicated Support

Not only does LimitLIS® have interactive tutorials
and an in-app chat feature, RURO’s support team is committed to
helping you every step of the way, ready to answer questions and
provide solutions.

Cloud Connectivity

Because LimitLIS® Toxicology is cloud-based, your data
is stored securely and remotely, ready to be accessed whenever and
wherever you need it. This also means that LimitLIS® Toxicology can
be deployed and ready to use immediately.

Toxicology Brochures

LimitLIS® Cloud: Toxicology

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Moderate Complexity Testing

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High Complexity Testing

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All features, no frills

Get all the benefits and features of RURO’s LimitLIS® solution with even more
functionality built specifically for toxicology laboratories!

SOP Management

The system is deployed with 3 SOPs necessary for running a
clinical toxicology lab. The lab director can electronically approve SOPs
and laboratory personnel can review and acknowledge them.

Consistent/Inconsistent Result Reports

User can choose from 4 report templates:
basic, tox report with historical data, tox report with detection window,
tox report with consistent/inconsistent results

In-App Chat Feature

LimitLIS® Toxicology comes with an in-app chat feature that
will connect you directly with RURO tech support. This feature is only available
for laboratory users.

Pre-Configured Req Forms

Transmission of billing data between LimitLIS® and your
existing revenue cycle management solution is critically important and
RURO delivers the most reliable end-to-end service.

Pre-Configured Instruments

User can choose from a set of LCMS instruments that we already
integrated with. Additional instruments can be integrated for an extra charge.

Inline Tutorials

LimitLIS® Toxicology comes extensive interactive tutorials
and training videos to guide you and your staff through the system any
time you need help.




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