RURO Announces Limfinity® Version 7

Contact: Timery DeBoer
Scientist / Project Manager
RURO, Inc.

FREDERICK, MD. (PRWEB) March 20, 2018


RURO, Inc., a leading provider of LIMS, LIS, RFID and other laboratory solutions, announces Limfinity® version 7, the latest iteration of the company’s information software platform. RURO solutions, including LimitLIS®, BiobankPro®, Limfinity® TSI, and Study Manager™ are all built on the Limfinity® platform.

Since its last major release, RURO has used aspects of each Limfinity® development project to inform the evolution of the platform’s ease of configuration and performance. Limfinity® version 7’s final design and extensive feature enhancement list was particularly inspired by collaborations in pharmaceutical and commercial clinical testing fields.

The new version of Limfinity® allows RURO’s product development team and even some its trained customers to create new solutions faster and easier than ever before.

Key enhancements of Limfinity® 7 include:

  • A brand new user interface that delivers an improved experience throughout the platform, including on tablets and smaller screens
  • Workflow Engine v2 allows for reusable tools in the workflow editor, flexible workload assignments and faster performance
  • The latest server and database technologies with updated, high-performance versions of all underlying toolkits and DB adapters
  • Optimization for one-click deployments to the RURO Cloud or nearly any Cloud hosting service
  • Updated BRICKs feature now allows user groups, roles, buttons, button groups, grid configurations and data moves from one Limfinity® instance to another
  • Enhanced UI Grids now support multi-column sorting, saved grid configurations, and show/hide preferences for columns
  • New “Favorites” and “Recent” lists provide quick access to important records
  • Improved Limfinity® records now shared via email or URL
  • Real time feedback on progress of long running tasks
  • Enhanced long-running tasks now are executed in the background and minimized
  • Backwards compatible with previous versions of the platform

“More and more labs are realizing how important it is to choose software designed for laboratory use, rather than software that is repurposed for laboratory use,” says Kurt Harris, RURO’s Vice President of Sales. “The value of Limfinity is not only its current maturity, in version 7, but that it was conceived and built for labs, allowing more precise solutions that cut down on time wasting by our users.”

RURO continues its dedication to version-to-version compatibility with the latest release. Existing customers should expect minimal interruption or change to their Limfinity® environments as they perform the upgrade to version 7. Limfinity® version 7 users may find the simplified user interface new but also highly accessibility. Similarly, the redesigned Workflow Editor is a significant enhancement. Common in all version 7 enhanced content is purpose built simplification, enabling faster system performance and easier configuration.

“Our portfolio of lab solutions is growing quickly and we couldn’t be more excited,” says Tom Dolan, Chief Executive Officer. “Today, we are proud that our software is automating and streamlining management for testing labs that are growing and acquiring other businesses, as well as helping some of the largest scientific organizations push their operations into the future. Likewise, this is a proud day for RURO because Limfinity version 7 is a powerful tool for those and all of our valued customers.”

For more information, including a full list of Limfinity® version 7 enhancements, visit, or call 888-881-RURO (7876).

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Founded in 2006, RURO specializes in Laboratory Information Management and RFID Solutions. Limfinity® is the laboratory software platform used in many of the world’s leading research programs, clinical operations and biobanks. RURO is third party ISO 9001 certified.

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