RURO Releases Limfinity® version 7.3 – Informatics Platform for Life Science

Contact: Tom Dolan

FREDERICK, MD. (PRWEB) September 20, 2019

RURO Releases Limfinity® version 7.3 – Informatics Platform for Life Science
The latest version of RURO’s rapidly growing LIMS platform features database level enhancement, better tools for customer-driven configuration.

RURO, Inc. the leading LIMS, LIS, and other life science solutions provider, has announced the release of Limfinity® version 7.3.

This important release for RURO’s Laboratory Information Management System platform gives support for the latest database versions, crucial speed enhancement, as well as updated workflow and BRICK management tools.

“The 7.3 release is highlighted by the latest database partitioning techniques, which will mean more RURO customers are more productive. With 7.3, life science companies should expect 3-5 times improvement in speed when processing large amounts of data,” says Vladimir Lebedev, RURO’s Chief Systems Architect. “Less time spent on information management and more time at the bench is the goal of Limfinity.”

New and Updated Features of Limfinity® 7.3 include:
• Redesigned database engine, faster performance
• Improved workflow assignment options
• Better permissions control for data import
• Refined BRICK technology with faster installation, older versions compatible
• Redesigned barcode/other label printer configuration
• Reworked workflow tools including emails and reports
• Minor UI stability and appearance improvements
• New version of the ‘Storage Module’ BRICK

Upgrade to Limfinity® 7.3 included for all Limfinity® Cloud customers with active support subscriptions. Contact to find out more or to upgrade your system, if on a legacy non-Cloud installation of Limfinity®.

About RURO, Inc.
Founded in 2006, RURO, Inc is the recognized leader in LIMS, LIS, RFID and laboratory software solutions. RURO’s Limfinity® is the information management centerpiece in many of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies, hospital systems, translational science programs and biobanks. RURO is third party ISO 9001:2015 certified.

RURO is Laboratory Information Bliss™

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