RURO Expands the FreezerPro® 2011 Product Line for Managing and Securing Frozen Sample Inventory

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RURO, Inc.


RURO Expands the FreezerPro® 2011 Product Line for Managing and Securing Frozen Sample Inventory

Over 100 enhancements and a new multisite version deliver innovation and value for customers around the world

Frederick, MD – January 31, 2011 – RURO, Inc., a developer of research productivity and management solutions today introduced three new editions of FreezerPro 2011, a comprehensive solution for research and medical laboratories of all sizes that collect, manage and secure frozen samples.

“RURO solutions are developed by scientists for scientists,” commented RURO Chief Scientist, Alex Nickolaitchik. “This is reflected in our latest editions of FreezerPro which deliver rich features, intuitive user experiences, enterprise-class performance and tremendous value for large and small labs alike.”

Packed with over 100 new features, highlights for all versions of FreezerPro 2011 include:

  • Powerful barcode label designer that lets users keep their existing label formats and utilize a wide range of popular printers
  • New aliquoting process with improved performance and available parent-child tracking
  • Revised audit trails for samples and vials with greater detail
  • Enhanced user interface that puts users in control of their FreezerPro experience via user defined fields and new sample views including a box view that can display sample icons and available data in a box/plate layout
  • Pick List function offers a shopping cart-like experience when searching or browsing samples and simplifies sample retrieval
  • Greater selection of sample icons and styles for customizing visual representations of samples

New capabilities in FreezerPro 2011 Enterprise and Multisite include:

  • New permission model that supports user defined groups and enables access permissions to be set on sample boxes and plates
  • Full HIPAA compliance
  • New GLP mode with strict operations and detailed audit comments
  • Extended APIs which enable full read/write access to sample data
  • Integrated real time notification system for communicating changes in sample data to external applications
  • Full support for the FreezerPro RFID Kit v2.0
  • Multisite offers discrete database support for multiple lab locations or entities along with a custom licensing model

About RURO FreezerPro® 2011
FreezerPro 2011 is a class-leading frozen sample management solution that is indispensable to any modern scientific or pharmaceutical laboratory. FreezerPro is an intuitive, fast, reliable and secure Web-based application that has a visually appealing interface which enables users to know precisely where a frozen sample is located even before opening the freezer door. Popular features include automatic alerts of low number of sample aliquots, sample expiration date, sample volume or freeze-thaw count along with powerful reporting.

Independently validated and certified to be fully compliant with the FDAs current GLP/GMP requirements FreezerPro takes laboratory record management to the highest level of productivity!

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About RURO
Headquartered in the heart of Maryland’s biotechnology corridor, RURO develops state-of-the-art software that optimizes manageability and productivity for innovative academic, biotechnological, pharmaceutical, medical and government (homeland security) laboratories in the USA and throughout the world.

RURO is a company driven to innovate. With a fervent focus on relevant and novel software technologies that address needs of scientists, RURO strives to be the best at integrating world-class technologies and customer needs into products which have no analogs on the current software market.

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