RURO launches Sciency ELN 2.0 – New version of Electronic Lab Notebook software

Doug Milliken
RURO, Inc.


RURO launches Sciency ELN 2.0 – New version of Electronic Lab Notebook software

Frederick, MD August 11, 2010–RURO, Inc., a leading developer of ground-breaking lifesciences research software productivity tools, announces the release of Sciency 2.0, a new version of the innovative Sciency product line. This Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) is the best way to collect and organize research data, share information and increase efficiency. The 2.0 release adds many new features to the Sciency ELN such as customizable templates for quick data capture, versions for notebook entries with full revision history, links within the notebooks connecting entries to each other, ability to quickly search notes, easily printable for hard copy documentation, a new GLP mode, and many other improvements! Sciency 2.0 can be simply integrated with other lab instruments and software.

A laboratory manager from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) commented on Sciency stating she “found the technology to be a critical tool in the continuation of our research. Previously, when a researcher left we would find out that we had a year’s worth of meaningless instrument data and poorly documented paper notebooks; with Sciency there is the opportunity to get better research results.”

Sciency 2.0 ELN is designed to make laboratory research more organized, structured, and unified. Web-based and consolidated, Sciency makes it easier to communicate and work simultaneously in the lab, at home, or around the world.

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