RURO Introduces FreezerPro RFID Kit version 2.0 for Frozen Sample Inventory Automation and Security

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RURO, Inc.


RURO Introduces FreezerPro RFID Kit version 2.0 for Frozen Sample Inventory Automation and Security

Deploying radio frequency identification (RFID) technology is made simple by the company’s fully integrated FreezerPro software, hardware, media and services offering

Frederick, MD – December 8, 2010 – RURO, Inc., a leading innovator of research productivity and management solutions today introduced its next generation FreezerPro RFID Kit, a best-of-breed, fully integrated RFID solution for laboratories specializing in the collection and management of frozen samples.

Innovations include:

  • Third generation RFID tags featuring a new label design with a longer broadcast range and ability to fit sample vials as small as 1.5 ml
  • A smaller, lighter Zebra RFID label printer that is designed to support future RFID protocols
  • Newly designed RFID tags for boxes and plates, that offer excellent range and flexibility
  • Available wireless handheld RFID readers that offer connectivity via WiFi, Bluetooth and even cellular networks. New mobile FreezerPro client with “audit mode” for accelerating inventory reporting and an innovative
  • “locator mode” to ease finding sample boxes/plates in storage
  • Updated FreezerPro RFID Edition software with improved label designer, batch printing and tags reporting

“Working closely with leading RFID technology manufacturers such as ATID, Zebra and Impinj we have created a fully integrated, best-in-class RFID solution powered by FreezerPro that takes the guesswork out of what to purchase and integrate while delivering maximum value,” said Vlad Lebedev, Systems Architect, RURO. “Now samples inventory and audit related tasks can be completed quickly, safely and accurately and enhanced security can be enabled by laboratories of any size with just a few clicks of a mouse.”

About RURO FreezerPro RFID Kit 2.0
The FreezerPro RFID Kit 2.0 is a fully integrated, turnkey RFID solution for laboratories of just about any size that need to efficiently manage and secure frozen samples and inventory. Powered by the innovative FreezerPro Enterprise software, the kit includes proven, best-of-breed hardware, software, RFID tags and professional services designed to ease the introduction and rollout of RFID management technology.

Kit components include:

  • FreezerPro Enterprise Edition RFID Software
  • 1000 cryo safe RFID labels
  • 1 Zebra RFID barcode printer/coder
  • 1 Impinj Speedway Revolution RFID reader
  • 2 RFID antennas
  • RURO Support Services

Options include:

  • 500 large box/plate RFID tags
  • Wireless RFID handheld readers with FreezerPro mobile Client

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About RURO
Headquartered in the heart of Maryland’s biotechnology corridor, RURO develops state-of-the-art software that optimizes manageability and productivity for innovative academic, biotechnological, pharmaceutical, medical and government (homeland security) laboratories in the USA and throughout the world.

RURO is a company driven to innovate. With a fervent focus on relevant and novel software technologies that address needs of scientists, RURO strives to be the best at integrating world-class technologies and customer needs into products which have no analogs on the current software market.

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