RURO Introduces Version 5.3 of FreezerPro Software


 Michael Paul
RURO, Inc.



RURO Introduces Version 5.3 of FreezerPro Software

FreezerPro 5.3 gives users an expanded set of tools to create and manage an electronic inventory of bio-samples.

RURO, Inc., a developer of software and inventory solutions introduces FreezerPro, version 5.3.

Here are some of the new features which have been added to the product:

  • New Software Section, “Staging & Receiving Area”, has been added to FreezerPro. The users can create records for samples and vials without locations. This is a useful tool for planning, pre-printing of barcoded labels, storage of shipping manifests, etc. This functionality is available in all editions of FreezerPro.
  • RURO software developers have created new FreezerPro function – “Scan & Move”. The operation allows moving virtual records by means of a barcode scanner. “Scan & Move” function combined with the pre-printed barcode labels constitute an efficient operation for creating of a virtual box with the vial records.
  • Group Editing operation for FreezerPro sample records has been expanded. Now one can apply it to Sample Sources and Sample Groups.
  • We are pleased to announce addition of support for CSV import of Key/Value List User-Defined Field entries.

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