RURO adds direct support for FluidX XTR line of whole-rack 2D barcode scanners

Frederick, MD – August 17th, 2012 – RURO, Inc., a developer of innovative research productivity tools, announces direct support for FluidX XTR 96, FluidX XTR FLEX, FluidX XTR RACK LF and FluidX XTR RACK CRYO flatbed 2D barcode scanners for general laboratory use.

FluidX XTR completes the line of whole-rack scanners directly supported in FreezerPro software. The device joins other models, such as Thermo Scientific VisionMate and Ziath/BioSero AV6.

The XTR readers are part of a family of sophisticated 2D Data Matrix code readers capable of reading standard SBS format racks of precoded tubes. Tubes are available from a variety of manufacturers and are compatible with ISO 16022 Data Matrix Two Dimensional Bar Code format.

The team at FluidX, Ltd. consists of the pioneers in flatbed 2D barcode scanner technology. The latest models are based on a super-fast A5 high definition scanner that takes less than eight seconds to scan and decode a full rack of 96 tubes.

FluidX XTR scanner control has been enabled from the inside of FreezerPro software user interface. With just a couple of mouse clicks, a user can register a plate full of new 2D barcoded tubes in FreezerPro inventory database. In addition, scanners can be used to reconcile existing plates as well as to perform scheduled audits. Support from FluidX XTR model line is now available in Standard and Enterprise editions of FreezerPro.

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