See RURO at IQPC – Compound & Sample Management 2012. Boston, MA, September 19-21

IQPC – Compound & Sample Management 2012

September 19-21
Cambridge, MA

The definitive annual meeting place for Compound and Sample Managers

Contribute to Drug Discovery Success by Integrating Compound Management, Analytical and Automation Workflows

Drug Discovery Materials Management has become a science in itself. Driven by the need to supply quality compounds efficiently to scientists on a multi-site, often global basis, CM has over the years in most organizations become a robust, automated and reliable function in Discovery.

So – what’s next?

  • Unsolved automation challenges – biological samples and discovery materials present many issues; companies are faced integration of multi vendors equipment; and what does a company do when hardware becomes obsolete?
  • Sample data management – Much work is still to be done in integrating all information related one sample; extracting relevant data and conducting meta data analysis.
  • Managing R&D biomaterials and samples – What will CM’s responsibilities be in the future world of biotherapeutics?
  • Enhancement of Academic Compound Management and Screening – many institutions are still gearing up, implementing automated systems and building libraries. But most importantly – how can academic/industry collaborative efforts advance drug discovery?
  • Complex compound and sample management operations for growing global companies – how to set up CM to support various functions, prioritise jobs, and track and ship compounds global worldwide
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