RURO Solutions Gain ISBT 128 Certification

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RURO Solutions Gain ISBT 128 Certification
RURO partners with ICCBA to further their goal of global adoption

Frederick, MD – June 16, 2014

RURO, Inc., with its solutions in use in more than 1000 laboratories around the world, today announces its recent certification from ICCBBA for ISBT 128.

From ICCBBA website ( “ICCBBA enhances safety for patients by managing and promoting the ISBT 128 international information standard for use in transfusion and transplantation.”

Today, several RURO customers are already using the standard in their installations. Each blood product is given a unique donation identification number (DIN) including an assigned facility identification number (FIN). These additional ids allow every product to be specifically tracked anywhere in the world. Other items are labeled the same way using RURO solutions.

“FreezerPro® and ISBT 128 are a natural fit,” says Vlad Lebedev, RURO’s Systems Architect. “A growing percentage of our clients use the system for identification, labeling, and processing of human blood, tissue, and cellular therapy products.”

All existing and future solutions including LIMS 24/7®, Limfinity® and FreezerPro® systems are now available with “ISBT 128 Certified” licensing option.

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About ISBT 128
ISBT 128 is a system for identification, labeling, and processing of human blood, tissue, and cellular therapy products using an internationally standardized system.

About RURO
Founded in 2006, RURO specializes in modular information management systems for laboratories worldwide. FreezerPro®, RURO’s solution designed purely for Sample Management, can be complimented by Sciency® ELN and the full-scale LIMS 24/7®. Many lab businesses begin with the RURO system that suits current requirements for compliance and automation and then grow within the same software methodology as needed.
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