RURO Announces FreezerPro Cloud

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FREDERICK, MD. (PRWEB) September 30, 2015

RURO Announces FreezerPro Cloud

FreezerPro – the sample management solution scientists prefer, now easier to adopt than ever with the new FreezerPro Cloud!

FREDERICK, Md. (PRWEB) September 30, 2015 – RURO, Inc., a leading LIMS and other sample management solutions provider, announced that its best-selling system, FreezerPro®, is now available as a subscription-based, cloud-hosted software service.

• FreezerPro® software for sample management, is the first cloud-based system of its kind

• FreezerPro® Cloud eliminates the need for your own IT resources to support a robust LIMS

• FreezerPro® Cloud subscriptions have many options to meet your organization’s needs

The need for IT-free laboratory information software has grown rapidly in the past year with an increasing percentage of LIMS deployments placed on the cloud in lieu of installation on onsite servers. RURO is one of the leading companies in this area, with quadruple the number of cloud hosted deployments of the laboratory data management solution, Limfinity®, since 2014.

RURO customers opt for cloud deployments for several reasons, but a lack of onsite IT availability is a primary issue for many. In large organizations, IT is often spread thin, may involve intensive procedural effort to obtain services, or present other challenges that must be overcome by individual laboratories in order to improve their sample management software tools. Similarly, in startups and other more autonomous laboratories, the cloud can be an easy way to gain powerful software support without the need for any IT staffing or hardware investment.

“FreezerPro Cloud is the same commercial-of-the-shelf sample management system that is already used all across the world by thousands,” says Vlad Lebedev, RURO’s Chief Executive Officer. “Over the years, many of our customers were able to adopt FreezerPro the same day that they purchased it. Now that process of improving sample management will be even more readily achievable – the FreezerPro Cloud does not require any installation process.”

RURO is also reintroducing the “Basic” Edition of FreezerPro with the release of FreezerPro Cloud. “Basic” Edition will join “Standard” Edition and “Enterprise” Edition to provide choices to labs balancing budget concerns against software functionality needs.

RURO carefully crafted its cloud hosting service. Its hosting partners have nearly twenty data centers worldwide, ensuring that FreezerPro Cloud customers will always have optimized performance due to “nearby” hosting sites. Deployment across multiple regions is offered, affording high availability, and RURO guarantees 99.99% uptime with FreezerPro Cloud.

“RURO’s Cloud and accompanying services were developed over the past year as we completed Cloud-hosted Limfinity® deployments for some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies; as well as centralized, globally accessed systems containing patient data and, therefore, requiring the utmost security and sensitivity to regulatory compliance,” says Maxim Didenko, RURO’s Chief Technical Officer. “As a result, the FreezerPro® Cloud provides solid assurance to any customer concerned about regulation or data security.”

Existing non-cloud FreezerPro® customers may contact RURO for information about moving their license to the Cloud.

For more information on pricing and features in each edition of FreezerPro® Cloud, visit or call 888-881-RURO (7876).

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