RURO Releases Sciency ELN Cloud

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FREDERICK, MD. (PRWEB) November 3, 2015

RURO Releases Sciency ELN Cloud

Deploy an Electronic Laboratory Notebook solution easily!

RURO, Inc., a leading LIMS, and other sample management solutions provider announced that its Electronic Lab Notebook solution, Sciency® ELN, is now available as a subscription-based, cloud-hosted software service.

• Many organizations are choosing cloud hosting for LIMS and other lab software services

• Sciency®, RURO’s Electronic Lab Notebook solution, is moving to the Cloud, following other successful Cloud deployments by the company

• Sciency® ELN fast adoption time makes it ideal for labs looking to manage experimental data more efficiently and simply

In the past, Sciency® ELN has been used primarily in large scale deployments at universities and government research institutions. Cloud-based deployment, and associated cost-reductions, makes this solution now easier to adopt for smaller would-be customers. Now laboratories of any size can take advantage of this powerful experimental data management solution. Its easy adoption of better tools, instant deployment and low costs are what make Sciency® ELN Cloud a powerful offering.

The configuration of Sciency® ELN can be done in less than an hour and, once deployed, includes the following tools, among others:

  • Digital design of studies and analyses
  • Data visualization, surveys and other visualization aids
  • Message posting and other features that support collaboration
  • Tools to facilitate posting results or completed studies to the web
  • Tools to digitally sign and lock records
  • Storage to centralize important documentation

Once configured, the key to easy adoption is the ELN’s familiar interface. Sciency® uses a windows-like format to present scientific notes and other content in multiple expandable/contractible panels in a user-friendly interface. Additionally, Sciency allows importing of any Excel content to capture existing data. Sciency® is now as easy to adopt as continuing to use a lab’s old, paper solution but the ELN brings with it considerable advantages.

Because Sciency® ELN is now available on the Cloud, customers do not have to rely on local IT support for new systems installation. Other customers may be able to avoid increasing IT staff size. On, customers simply enter payment and other details for their Sciency® ELN Cloud and the solution will be auto-generated to specifications. Login credentials are sent within hours.

“Our ELN has always been a quick solution to make better management of experiment data possible. But that ‘quickness’ sometimes would get stuck waiting for over-extended IT people or network policies against Virtual Machines. Sometimes, frankly, labs couldn’t afford it,” says Tom Dolan, RURO’s Chief Operating Officer. “The Sciency ELN Cloud solves those problems.”

Sciency® ELN may be the best value in Electronic Lab Notebooks today. Compare costs to other competitive ELNs to see how affordable the solution can be. Sciency® ELN is even better still, because its pricing model is for concurrent user access. Most ELNs require the customer to pay a fee per set of login credentials, but Sciency ELN Cloud only requires a fee for each user that will be logged in simultaneously. This licensing model will result in cost savings for most organizations looking to enhance operations with an ELN.

Existing non-cloud Sciency® ELN customers may contact RURO for information about moving their license to the Cloud.

For more information on pricing and features in each edition of Sciency® ELN, visit or call 888-881-RURO (7876).

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