See RURO Solutions at TMA and Digital Pathology Workshop 2016, Philadelphia, PA, April 25-26, 2016

See RURO solutions at TMA and Digital Pathology Workshop 2016

April 25-26, 2016

University City Science Center
3711 Market Street. Suite 800.
Philadelphia, PA 20104

RURO Booth #1

The objective of the “INTERACTIVE TISSUE MICROARRAY AND QUANTITATIVE DIGITAL PATHOLOGY ANALYSIS WORKSHOP” is to discuss with a Panel of key Experts on the use of Tissue Microarray and Visual Imaging Technologies in Research (for Biomarker Validation) and Disgnostics Applications.

The workshop also will include a session of Galileo Tissue Microarray Users which will present real case studies and discuss problems, improvments and future perspectives.

Vendors will describe their state of the art of their producs and run an Hands-on Session where participants can create their on TMA block and analyse their TMA Glass Slide with the Digital Scanner and Visual Imaging SW.

The workshop objective is to motivate Pathologists, Histopathologists, Researchers and others to use the TMA Technology in Research and Diagnostic Applications.

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