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As Brooks continues to transition us to a new system, we’re unable to process product orders moving forward. For your convenience, a supplier list has been provided below where you can purchase the item from. We appreciate your understanding and thank you for all your previous business!

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  • cryo labels

    ASTRO Cryogenic Sample Labels – 900 QTY


    Combined with the highest quality ribbon, these thermal transfer labels can be printed and applied to previously frozen cryovials.

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  • Black 6400 Series Thermal Transfer Printer Ribbon

    Black 6400 Series Thermal Transfer Printer Ribbon


    For Brady IP Series Printers | High density ribbon with excellent solvent resistance, high heat resistance, and super scratch resistance.

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  • Black Resin Ribbon for Zebra RZ400

    Black Resin Ribbon for Zebra RZ400


    For Zebra RZ400 | Super Premium Resin ribbon that provides maximum durability for labeling in harsh environments.

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  • Black Resin Ribbon for Zebra RZ400

    Black Thermal Transfer Ribbon


    For Brady BBP Series Printers | Strong environmental resistance against smearing and chemicals. Also, reliable, sharp-edge print quality to maximize bar code readability.

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  • Zebra 5095 Resin Ribbon

    Zebra 5095 Resin Ribbon


    A performance resin ribbon for printing high-density bar codes and high-resolution graphics on a wide range of materials from matte to gloss synthetics.

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Showing all 5 results