Study Manager™

Study Manager™ is a cloud-based, innovative solution that delivers clinical and pre-clinical trial design, specimen collections, and assay planning while monitoring patient consent and enrollment. Deployed as a single system accessible from any number of sites, CROs, or central labs, it tracks your clinical trial specimens while annotating them with clinical observations.

As the pressure on the industry to bring treatments to market and reduce clinical trial costs grows, researchers struggle to assemble reliable data from various sources within the increasingly distributed clinical research ecosystem. With more and more trials being conducted internationally, Study Manager™ helps researchers to optimize patient recruitment and manage clinical trials efficiently while maintaining high standards of regulatory compliance, and keeps track of the overall study progression and specimen collection metrics.

Study Manager™ integrates staff, instrument and collaborator data from multiple sources into one system improving communication and reducing the number of redundant tasks. Precise workflow management is setup per customer to enable efficient work by veteran and new lab techs. Clean and modern user-centric interface drives user adoption and allows staff to focus on research and results rather than data entry or information gathering.

Study Manager™ is a Cloud solution, eliminating the need for dedicated IT infrastructure and expenses. Users can simply click the URL, log in, and start using Study Manager™ as soon as they are granted access to one or more studies.



A Deeper Look

Modern Software Framework, Easy User Experience

Many sophisticated LIMS and CTMS systems fall short at either deployment or user adoption. This is often because of aging, outdated software architecture. Study Manager™ is built on the industry leading Limfinity framework and a modern tech stack. As a result, the system is ready to handle any organization-specific requirement and provide an optimized, user-friendly interface for every customer.

Reliable Deployment

Another key advantage of Study Manager™ that ensures deployment and user adoption success, is its provider, RURO. Our deployment process is third party ISO 9001 certified and the company employs multiple highly trained teams handling Study Manager™ deployments. Typical concepts of Study Manager™ deployment are formal gathering or enhancement of customer requirements, phase-based deployment and even the potential for joint application deployment, in select cases.

Validation and Hardware Available

RURO, Inc. has its own compliance and quality teams, which offer implementation of validation protocols for Study Manager™. Study Manager™ is built on the Limfinity framework, which has been used to integrate hundreds of laboratory instruments, customer legacy systems and supports multiple backend databases.

Best In Class Integration

We partner with a wide range of laboratory hardware and software companies, allowing customers to integrate with many datasources including EMR, EDC, billing, or CTMS systems. 


Solution Screenshots


Interested In Study Manager™?

If you think Study Manager™ is right for your laboratory and would like to see a demo of the solution, please let us know and we will be happy to provide you with a demo!



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