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Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) has experienced rapid acceptance as a technology for managing and tracking the location of physical assets and people. As the cost of deploying this technology decreases, and web-based management tools become easier to deploy, organizations will be able to leverage RFID technology to easily, accurately and efficiently monitor and manage their assets from just about anywhere in the world.

An RFID implementation is comprised of the following basic elements:

  • RFID tags or badges that emit a unique radio signal
  • A tag/badge printer
  • An antenna and receiver to capture radio signals emitted by the RFID badges/tags and interface with management software
  • Software for tracking and managing the various content and people associated with the RFID system.

RURO offers a full catalog of RFID scanners, readers, printers, and tags and the firmware of software required to get the RFID fully integrated in your environment. RURO Smart RFID services include:

  • Hardware Installation and Support
  • Deployment Scheme Design Consulting
  • RFID Training Programs
  • RFID – Compatible Software/Firmware

    Integration Systems

    Data Management Systems (LIMS,Sample Management, ELN, Animal Colony Management)




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