Features & Benefits



Limfinity® STM is a cloud solution, eliminating the need for dedicated IT infrastructure and expenses. Users can start using Limfinity® STM anywhere and on any device as soon as they are granted access to one or more studies.

  • Weekly and monthly visit calendars for each site
  • Shipment, request & collection kit tracking
  • Human and animal subject management
  • Assay, test result & batch management, analytical testing portal
  • Trial-specific sampling plans and event schedules
  • Tracking of all clinical samples and their clinical information
  • Participant lookup, registration, and automatic generation of visit schedules
  • Reconciliation of received samples against study-specific sample collection plan


  • Unify sample management and improve sample utility and distribution
  • Improve communication with participants
  • Take action quicker and resolve impediments with real time study progress insights
  • Locate missing or uncollected samples without time consuming spreadsheets
  • Document consent for each sample in compliance with federal regulations
  • Ensure that all visit requirements are met and easily follow up with patients
  • Document sample deviations and quickly rectify them




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