Limfinity® Storage Brick

The Limfinity® Storage Module is a sleek new Limfinity® plugin that adds comprehensive sample storage management to the Limfinity® LIMS system. Easily build out virtual freezers with unlimited storage levels, quickly locate samples or boxes by scanning box barcodes, and track the location of each sample within a box or well plate. Store and remove samples one by one or in batch by assigning storage locations manually or automatically.

Users can add and customize the Storage Module when they implement a new Limfinity® system, or add it to an existing Limfinity® system and configure storage themselves, saving time and effort, and making implementation seamless. Revolutionize the way your lab operates with a feature-rich system specifically designed for ease of use and quick user adoption. If you think the Limfinity® Storage Module is right for your facility, contact RURO for more information.



A Deeper Look

Easy Customization

Biorepository staff can configure the storage structure to match the layout of their facilities, while accounting for temporary containers and bags. Freezers, racks, shelves, and boxes can be annotated with additional information, such as barcode, temperature, status, assigned specimen types and more.

Fast Adoption

Assign a color for each sample type to quickly differentiate between boxes, and design your boxes to match the equipment, tools, and methods you already use.

Efficient Features

Cut and paste samples from a box or from anywhere else in the system, and scan in samples for instant and automatic space allocation.

Visual Interface

Unique features like freezer capacity indicators and graphical views for boxes and well plates allow you to get an overview of your storage at a glance.



Interested in the Limfinity® Storage Brick?

If you think the Limfinity® Storage Brick is right for your facility, please contact us for more information!

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