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System Customization

Don’t see the feature that you would like to have in our products? Customization is available and our services are affordable and done in a timely manner.


Our solutions are designed and built using open standards and can easily be integrated with any type of laboratory instruments or with other business applications and services, such as accounting, billing and sales systems.

Data Import from legacy formats

Ready to upgrade to the power and usability of Limfinity®, Sciency® ELN and ezColony®, but currently store your sample data in a different format? Whether you store your data in a spreadsheet, commercial database, “home-grown” database or third-party commercial application, we can help you import this data in no time.

Data Storage Solutions

We are offering Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) for multimedia data. With the S3 account you can offload huge amounts of data (such as hi-res images, video and audio) on safe and secure servers, all across the country. You no longer have to worry about backups, nor do you have a limit on storage space.


To help our customers with the validation of our software, we’ve created a comprehensive set of validation materials and software tools that help to jumpstart the validation process and guide the customer through the IQ, OQ, and PQ aspects of the validation. As a service to our customers, RURO can provide a list of validation firms that we have worked with and who have experience with RURO software.

On-site training at customer sites

On-site user training is available.


User Interface localizations for languages other than English.

Hosting Solutions

LimitLIS®, Limfinity®, Sciency® ELN and ezColony® are available as online services. We’ll host all your data on our fully FDA and HIPAA Qualified Datacenter, provide access via encrypted https protocol and take care of all data backups, software updates, upgrades and maintenance.

Please call RURO Sales at 1-888-881-RURO or contact your sales representative for more details.

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