Limfinity® Informatics Platform

RURO begins with Limfinity® and adds business logic, features, and capabilities. Limfinity® is a sophisticated software framework designed and built in-house by RURO engineers to provide the foundation for secure and compliant life science applications. Because of the capabilities of the Limfinity® framework, RURO can produce flexible solutions that redefine delivery of enterprise applications. Rather than building each individual solution from scratch, RURO begins with Limfinity® and adds on features and capabilities as necessary to create an entirely new program. Limfinity® is evolved enough to allow for quick turnaround of new products, yet flexible enough that it can be entirely customized to fit any requirements.

New version of LimitLIS available!


Featured Solutions

Machine Learning

Limfinity® ML has the power to create insight for your company. Limfinity® ML makes it easy than ever before to set up decision making support, making it possible to apply this technology in your business.

Defining new models in Limfinity® ML is as easy as configuring input and output data fields. Configured and trained models capture relationships among many input fields with a given set of conditions, and this information can later be assessed to guide users in their decision making.

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The LIS System With Limitless Possibilities

LimitLIS® is a modern cloud-based laboratory information system designed to increase laboratory accuracy, efficiency, and productivity.

Featuring the new version! LimitLIS v5 includes the new Startup
edition, for small toxicology and other laboratories. The new
Enterprise edition creates modernized, standardized lab operations
across all sites and a central management portal for leadership.
LimitLIS is more feature rich than ever, including expanded and
enhanced portal access for Client, Patient, Physician, and now
introducing the Pharmacist portal. Support for labs performing NGS
work to their operations is also included, as well as massive
performance enhancements for LimitLIS’ large scale customers.

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Knock Down Walls Between Clinical and Research

Limfinity® TSI is the world’s only full workflow and inventory management solution, tracking patient triage to diagnosis and treatment, for Translational Science and Medicine. Limfinity® TSI features a suite of tools for management of pedagogical, phenotypic, NGS, and proteomic data along with a host of other information types.

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Limfinity TSI Mockup

Study Management for Modern Laboratories

Limfinity® STM is a cloud-based, innovative solution that delivers clinical and pre-clinical trial design, specimen collections, and assay planning while monitoring patient consent and enrollment. Deployed as a single system accessible from any number of sites, CROs, or central labs, it tracks your clinical trial specimens while annotating them with clinical observations.

Limfinity® STM helps researchers to optimize patient recruitment and manage clinical trials efficiently while maintaining high standards of regulatory compliance, and keeps track of the overall study progression and specimen collection metrics.

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A message from our CEO, Tom Dolan

RURO Incorporated was founded in 2007 as a small life sciences software company. Since then, we have had thousands of deployments across more than 50 countries, modernizing each life science organization we serve with reliable and technically advanced solutions.

Our customers include hundreds of cancer institutes and research universities who rely on RURO for their central information management systems. The army, navy and homeland security agencies of the United States and similar agencies of other nations are among our most frequent clients. Every BSL 4 laboratory in America uses RURO software in order to manage the most sensitive sample inventories on earth. 

RURO’s Limfinity® solutions are at the heart of all we do. Our software platform is known for its modularity and extensibility, as well as its ability to automate operations and integrate. But the real reason that RURO has had such success over the last decade is summed up in a simple phrase:

RURO systems go live on time and on budget

I believe that in the increasingly divergent world of lab software, where cloud-based deployments challenge providers and increasingly sophisticated robotics and artificial intelligence require LIMS integration, that this capability is the single most important advantage that RURO offers our clients. Our customers agree and keep us headed towards 15 years in operation.

Let RURO help your team discover Laboratory Information Bliss.


Tom Dolan
CEO, RURO Incorporated




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