About RURO

As the years go on, the expectations for life science organizations get higher. Compliance audits are getting harder and there are more demands on quality and performance. When organizations run efficiently, intuitively, and without error or interruption, it means that they accomplish more, contribute more towards the greater good, and lives are improved. This is what RURO calls Laboratory Information Bliss.

With over 10 years of excellence in operations, ISO certifications, and an industry-leading team, RURO’s software solutions and services are comprehensive, modern, and constantly evolving. We offer true multifaceted integrations of instruments and crucial legacy systems to improve the way your organization operates beyond the user interface. RURO specializes in establishing the centralization of data, which is often written off by other software providers as too expensive or difficult. RURO offers life science software hosting, licensing, deployment, validation, training, and support all in one place. And our vetted partnerships enable seamless access to even more functionality through multiple integration options. Thousands have achieved Laboratory Information Bliss through RURO’s industry leading software solutions and our proved processes.





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