About RURO

When laboratories run efficiently, intuitively, and without error or interruption, it means technicians accomplish more, physicians do more good, and patients’ lives are improved. This is Laboratory Information Bliss.
With over 10 years of excellence in operations, ISO certification, and an industry-leading team, RURO’s software solutions and services are comprehensive, modern, and constantly evolving. We offer true multifaceted integration of instrumentation and crucial legacy systems to improve the way your lab operates beyond the user interface. RURO specializes in establishing the centralization of lab data, which is often written off by other companies as too expensive or difficult. RURO offers laboratory software hosting, licensing, deployment, validation, training, and support all in one place, and our vetted partnerships enable seamless access to even more functionality. With RURO, thousands have achieved Laboratory Information Bliss.



Our Philosophy

RURO believes that laboratory software built specifically for people and for the work they do has the power to improve every aspect of human life. By developing software that improves efficiency, accuracy, transparency, and overall effectiveness of research organizations and clinical ops, we enable labs to devote more time to discovery, and hospitals to devote more and smarter resources

RURO strives to be the company that laboratories can trust to provide the software solution they need. We are committed to ongoing innovation and are dedicated to creating the solutions that are most needed now and in the future. These include, most recently, the world’s only comprehensive workflow and inventory management solution for large scale Translational Science and Medicine, as well as one of the first Laboratory Information Systems available on the cloud. Our portfolio is constantly growing, and our dedication to quality is how RURO is able to create Laboratory Information Bliss.