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Welcome to the RURO Video Hub! In this video library you will find information on RURO’s software solutions and the individual features of those solutions. If you would like to know more about a product you’ve seen in our videos, contact our experts for a demo. To find specific videos for the solution you are interested in, please scroll down on this page. Each solution will have a set of starters listed, but also a button for the full video list.
Check the Video Hub regularly for new content on product updates, overviews of new software, and information about new features.


RURO Incorporated: Who Are We?

With over 10 years of excellence in operations, ISO certifications, and an industry-leading team, RURO’s software solutions and services are comprehensive, modern, and constantly evolving. Our CEO, Tom Dolan, will guide you through the history of RURO and our mission.


Limfinity – Software Platform for Life Science | NewsWatch

Limfinity solves the issues of poor data in the laboratory. It solves the issue of regulatory compliance causing problems for a laboratory and, most of all, modernizes labs.



Watch our Limfinity Platform Engineering Series. In this 20+ video course you’ll learn how you use Limfinity to build pretty mach any laboratory workflow. We’ll start with platform overview, then do a deeper dive into Data Model Editor and Workflow Designer, finishing with reports, permissions and some more advanced topics.


RURO’s Limfinity – Machine Learning Application

Its time your software to start thinking. RURO Incorporated has moved into the future of enterprise solutions with it’s Limfinity Machine Learning software. Vlad Lebedev, RURO’s Chief Systems Architect, discusses how the software works and how it can benefit your organization.


The Future of Enterprise Solutions & RURO’s Limfinity Framework

Are adaptable intelligent systems by the future of enterprise applications? Systems Architect at RURO Incorporated, Vlad Lebedev, discusses his take on the future of enterprise solutions and how RURO’s Limfinity Framework fits into that picture.


RURO Incorporated: Keeping Your Software Secure

Expectations for life science organizations are getting higher. RURO makes compliance audits easier and your data more secure with our compliant software solutions and processes.

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