At RURO, we want your lab’s definition of automation to be more than software connected to instruments. Many labs are unable to fully utilize their staff resources because of inefficient processes, an inability to integrate instruments and software, record-keeping problems, and a host of other roadblocks. These issues affect your lab’s functionality, and they can also hurt morale. To remain competitive, your lab needs every advantage. RURO delivers Laboratory Information Bliss not only through its software, but with RURO automation services, which may include business process development, advanced hardware support, and business process support features including decision support.

Emphasis on automation helps to ensure successful user adoption in all our clients’ projects. RURO can also fulfil more specific requirements for automation with its Smart RFID solution portfolio. RURO has been using RFID technology to streamline lab workflows for nearly a decade. RURO also supports off-the-shelf integration with the majority of the robotics frozen storage available today. Dozens of other services and solutions are offered as a part of RURO automation services. Contact us for more information on RURO automation.

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Comprehensive Capabilities


Comprehensive automation is the key to avoiding errors and inconsistencies, as well as saving
countless hours of extra work. Eliminating redundancy and reducing the need for menial tasks
allows staff to operate at their full potential, saving money, time, and resources.


RURO software has the capacity to integrate with a massive variety of instruments and complimentary programs such as billing software. Even if an integration has not already been established between
RURO software and a specific instrument or program, RURO can work with your facility to create a
custom integration.

Diverse Solutions

Every lab is different, and there is no one-size-fits-all method of laboratory automation. RURO has
the skills and expertise necessary to assess, propose, and implement a solution that is unique to your facility and methodology, regardless of laboratory discipline.




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