Limfinity Translational Science (TSI)

Translational Science

Translational research and medicine use scientific tools and research findings to improve human health. Limfinity® TSI can facilitate this process by connecting data and users in appropriate ways, encouraging and supporting collaboration with modern e-communication tools, and protecting sensitive patient data with multiple security levels and options.

Modern medicine and basic research are merging in ways never before seen to improve patient care and diagnose rare diseases. This is Translational Science – where patient-specific research findings can lead to more effective treatment. Limfinity® TSI solution solves common challenges in this complex field by improving communications, data management, and security.


Optimal Informatics Support


Common nomenclature across disciplines enables collaborative research, discovery, and clinical treatments.


Direct links between research and patient care teams streamlines diagnoses and produces new research questions.


Integration of business and support resources with research and clinical data effectively and efficiently improves patient care.



Limfinity® TSI solution solves common challenges in this complex field by improving communications, data management, and security.

  • Scheduling Management
  • Workflow management
  • Medication management
  • Cell Culture and Antibody Inventory management
  • Model Organism management
  • Order/Requisition management
  • Non-PII collaboration server
  • Pedigree tree drawing functions

What Limfinity® TSI Means to Translational Science

Prevent disperse data from crippling efficiency

Redundant data entry is costly, error-prone, and is inevitable when multiple systems are used to manage a sophisticated workflow. Leaders and management staff can be forced to share the burden of locating records, data for reports and even samples. Missing items and data can cost programs important resources or even lead to disaster.

Knocking down walls between Clinical and Research

Lack of communication and centralized access to information can impede collaboration. Many hospitals and organizations performing Translation Medicine are not properly outfitted for collaborative projects, leading to long-running effort collapse or massive buildups of non-mineable data.

Support global collaboration

Effective treatment of a patient may need subject matter expertise from overseas. RURO TSI gives the support needed for communication no matter how often, whenever and wherever. Multiple language support, real-time chat, and comprehensive security features keep dialogs on point with patient, or otherwise sensitive information, kept separate and safe.

See the whole picture

By using multiple systems and data repositories, unequal toolsets may lead to gaps in support for some parts of a Translational Medicine organization. This can lead to inaccurate team assessment, inconsistent service, or worse. RURO TSI is designed to uniformly benefit all areas with access and is designed to replace or integrate old systems during deployment or over time. RURO TSI is designed to give organizational leaders secure, comprehensive, and real-time visibility into their operations.




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