What Guides Are Included?

From our API and Scripting Guides, to Training Videos, to our Limfinity® Bricks, RURO provides you with everything you need to get your Limfinity® solution off the ground. To download individual user guides, please navigate to the Limfinity Guides page.


The API reference describes each available resource in the Limfinity® REST API. Learn about available methods, parameters, and outputs.

Scripting Guide

This guide includes instructions for writing scripts in Limfinity®. Learn how to write and debug scripts, manipulate data, create UI elements, and more.

User Guide

This guide contains information on how to configure and use Limfinity® to create your solution.

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Use Our Limfinity® Bricks

Limfinity® Bricks are shareable, reusable pieces of functionality. In essence Bricks are a single, logical piece of functionality that can be added to your Limfinity® instance with a few clicks. Want sample management? Add a few Bricks and instantly gain storage, sample, and other workflows.

Bricks are downloadable as a single file, containing all relevant Quick Links, Subjects and Subject Types, and User Defined Fields as well as workflows and workflow tools.

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