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Manage all of your laboratory workflows in the cloud.

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Introducing LimitLIS Toxicology!

Intuitive, efficient, and loaded with features, LimitLIS® Toxicology is your complete solution for a modern laboratory with expansive capabilities.

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Replace Merge LIS!

Laboratories that were formerly Merge LIS users will find all the features they rely on and more in the LimitLIS lab management solution.



Cloud Based

No dedicated IT staff needed. Just enter the URL, log in, and start using the system!

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LimitLIS® Cloud

LimitLIS® is a web-based solution that provides access to sample information from anywhere in the world.

Rapid Deployment

Get up and running quickly with RURO’s deployment process. Unlike other LIS solutions, LimitLIS® deploys in weeks, not months.

Comprehensive Report Delivery

Results reports are delivered through the Client Portal (online), e-mail, fax, and SMS, and in various formats, ensuring the fastest turnaround and client satisfaction.

Reliable Integration

Instruments, billing, and EHR systems are integrated into a single system, decreasing the turnaround time for ordering, processing, releasing, and billing of tests and samples.


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Patient/Client Portal

Patients can log in to view the status of their tests and clients can record POC tests, add new requisitions, and more.


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Sample Accessioning

Generate labels, time and date stamp received specimens, and generate an accession number.


LimitLIS® / demo

Paperless E-Requisitions

Physicians and staff can place test orders directly into LimitLIS®.


What makes RURO different from other LIS providers?

Services Organization

RURO’s Services Organization is dedicated to seeing its projects through to production. Many vendors provide a product and some training, but the implementation falls on the shoulders of the client which often results in failure and lost investments.

Understands Challenges

RURO, Inc. understands the challenges of small, fast growing companies/laboratories because we have had to solve the same business challenges.

Latest Cloud-Based Architecture

RURO, Inc. leads this market with the latest cloud-based software architecture. Most products on the market remain held up by their ’90s client/server architecture.