Limfinity® ML enables your Limfinity® solution to recognize patterns and make predictions based on historical data. Utilize the power of Limfinity® ML to maximize efficiency and revolutionize the way your business operates.
Limfinity® ML has the power to create insight for your company. Limfinity® ML makes it easy than ever before to set up decision making support, making it possible to apply this technology in your business. Learn how you can utilize this cutting-edge technology and the many other innovative aspects of the Limfinity® software platform by contacting RURO and requesting a demonstration.


What is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning algorithms use an artificial neural network to analyze historical data, creating a set of parameters called a “trained model.” The trained model is then able to analyze new data, compare it to patterns it has already recognized, and make predictions based on what it has learned. Limfinity® ML makes it much easier than ever before to set up a neural network, making it possible to apply this technology in your own laboratory.

What are the Applications for
Machine Learning?


Comparing test results to historical data and diagnoses allows the algorithm to flag a patient’s results for further review and help predict what diagnoses their results are consistent with.


Machine Learning can predict how many samples you are likely to receive, and of which types, based on previous dates and times.

Quality Control

Anomalous results, unusual patterns in sample processing, and other potential problems and errors can be easily recognized and flagged by a neural network without direct human interaction.

Machine Learning & Your Organization

With Machine Learning for Limfinity® version 7, it is possible to integrate trained models into new or existing Limfinity® solution. Defining new models in Limfinity® ML is as easy as configuring input and output data fields. Configured and trained models capture relationships among many input fields with a given set of conditions, and this information can later be assessed to guide users in their decision making.

Limfinity® ML is built around deep multilayer artificial neural network algorithms. Limfinity® ML is optimized for on-server performance, which minimizes memory footprint and CPU consumption, as well as ensuring the privacy of the data.




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