RURO Introduces RFID, Facilitating Frozen Sample Storage

RURO Introduces RFID, Facilitating Frozen Sample Storage
Doug Milliken
RURO, Inc.


Frederick, MD, December 09, 2009 – RURO Inc., a leading developer of innovative research productivity tools, introduces RFID (radio-frequency identification) component for its FreezerPro® frozen sample management system. RFID-enabled FreezerPro creates transparent frozen sample storage with always up-to-date map and flexible search, ensures better sample preservation with samples never leaving freezers unless used, and makes access control management and storage audits inherently easy.

“Using radio-tags has a lot of advantages specifically for larger cryo-storage facilities: not only box contents are always well described and clearly mapped, but also operators’ mistakes can be immediately corrected without losing precious materials,” said Doug Milliken, Sales Director at RURO. “In smaller laboratories this system could also be useful for sample management over the years, especially if there is a quick turnover of personnel, which is a common occasion in academic environment. RFID-enabled FreezerPro is a brand-new tool to facilitate biomedical research”.

Modern RFID technology is miniaturized and cheap. It is applied to storage boxes and cryovials through self-adhesive cryo-safe labels that combine barcode and radio-tags for maximum safety and redundancy. Designed to remain in freezers for long term storage, those labels can be printed and applied also to previously frozen samples.

The package includes FreezerPro software, high-resolution barcode/RFID printer, self-adhesive labels with built-in RFID tags, Impinj RFID reader and antennas, ensuring easy setup and seamless user experience. For more information about FreezerPro and RFID, please contact RURO at 888-881-7876 or

About RURO
RURO Inc, headquartered in Frederick, Maryland, specializes in development and production of state of the art computer software to increase productivity for academic, biotechnological, pharmaceutical, medical and government (homeland security) laboratories in the USA and worldwide, while maintaining the highest level of security, versatility, and knowledge.

RURO is a company driven to innovate. With a fervent focus on relevant and novel software technologies that address needs of scientists, RURO strives to be the best at integrating world-class technologies and customer needs into products which have no analogs on the current software market.

Products include: FreezerPro®, allowing scientists and managers in research laboratories and pharmaceutical companies to inventory and retrieve frozen laboratory samples; ezColony® – comprehensive, versatile, configurable and customizable solution for managing Transgenic Facilities of any scale; LIMS247® flexible scientific data and project management system; and Sciency® Integrated Research Environment.


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