RURO launches Sciency ELN 2.0 Standard – New version of Electronic Lab Notebook software

Doug Milliken
RURO, Inc.


RURO launches Sciency ELN 2.0 Standard – New version of Electronic Lab Notebook software

Frederick, MD August 12, 2010–RURO, Inc., a leading developer of ground-breaking lifesciences research software productivity tools, announces today the release of Sciency® Standard. Sciency® Standard includes all of the Enterprise features except SSL Data encryption, Active Directory Domain Services, external databases, and developers API. The best part: a lower price for smaller laboratories! Never before has lab management, data organization, and project visualization been easier! No matter the number of users, with Sciency® Standard everyone can work together and be on the same virtual page. Sciency® Standard makes searching your files and projects simple and efficient. Save the trees – go paperless!

Sciency® ELN is a flexible and versatile web-based software that increases research productivity. Sciency® offers a variety of tools to keep the experimental data neatly organized, searchable, secure, and accessible from numerous locations. Sharing of information by means of ELN promotes fruitful scientific discussions and allows for efficient concurrent undertaking of multiple scientific projects,” says Alex Nikolaitchik, Ph. D. Senior Scientist, RURO, Inc.

About RURO
RURO Inc, headquartered in Frederick, Maryland, specializes in development and production of state of the art computer software to increase productivity for academic, biotechnological, pharmaceutical, medical and government (homeland security) laboratories in the USA and worldwide, while maintaining the highest level of security, versatility, and knowledge.

Products include: FreezerPro®, allowing scientists and managers in research laboratories and pharmaceutical companies to inventory and retrieve frozen laboratory samples; ezColony® – comprehensive, versatile, configurable and customizable solution for managing transgenic facilities of any scale; LIMS 247® flexible scientific data and project management system; and Sciency® visual, multitasking ELN (Electronic Lab Notebook).
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