Join RURO at the 2nd International Conference for Biobank Management in Shanghai, China, July 6-8

As precious resource for clinical research, biospecimens serve as cornerstone for transnational medical research. High-quality and high-standard biobank would bring strong support for life science, clinical research and biomedical industry. In order to supply transnational medicine with qualified biobanks, promote the knowledge and expertise of biobank construction, SCRC invites experts and managers of biobanks at home and abroad to share their experience on biobank construction and management, successfully holds a series of seminars and conferences.

After the 1st International Conference for Biobank Management and QC & Shanghai Biobank Development Workshop 2011, Shanghai Clinical Research Center (SCRC) combines the needs of the participants, analyzes current situations of China’s biobank construction and prepares for the 2nd Biobank China 2012. The theme of this conference will focus on the ethics and information management of biobanks as well as best practices in biobank development. We have collaborated with globally renowned biobanks, such as the Office of Biorepository and Biospecimen Research (OBBR) of National Cancer Institute (NCI) in USA, BBMRI, UK Biobank and INSERM. International experts, key national science and technology project and domestic biobank managers will be invited to introduce their practices and experience in biobank’s ethics and information management.

Attend RURO presentations and see our software and RFID solutions for biobanks July 6-8. Shanghai, China, San Want Hotel.

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