Visit RURO booth at Cryo 2013 – 50th Society for Cryobiology, Bethesda, MD July 28-31 2013

Cryo 2013 – 50th Society for Cryobiology
July 28-31 (Booth #: TBD)
The Marriott Bethesda Hotel and Conference Center – Bethesda, MD

GMP Cryopreservation (Organizers: John Morris, Erik Woods)

The State and Behavior of Supercooled and Vitreous Water (Organizers: Peter Mazur, Greg Fahy)

The Past and Future of Cryomicroscopy (Organizer: Roland Fleck)

Ice Crystal Inhibition and Antifreeze Proteins (Organizer: Ido Braslavsky)

Genomics and Proteomics of Cryopreservation (Organizer: Nucharin Songsasen)

Advances in Freeze Drying Technology and its Applications (Organizers: Gloria Elliott, John Crowe)

Advances in the Cryopreservation of Plants (Organizers:)

Emerging Technologies in Cryobiology (Organizer:)

Cryoengineering (Organizers: John McGrath, Locksley McGann)

Biobanking (Organizer: Mark Cosentino)

Advances in Cryopreservation of Gametes and Embryos (Organizers: Budhan Pukazhenthi, Nucharin Songsasen)

Organ and Tissue Preservation (Organizers: Mike Taylor, Yoed Rabin)

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