RURO Announces New Training Services – Complimentary Program and “On Demand”

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RURO Announces New Training Services – Complimentary Program and “On Demand”

Frederick, MD – February 6, 2014

Due to increased demand for RURO’s Enterprise Training Program for systems FreezerPro®, Sciency® and ezColony®, RURO is excited to announce two enhancements that may streamline the user adoption process for its new or returning users. The first is a complimentary Enterprise Training Program now included with every new FreezerPro or other Enterprise system license purchase. The second is the availability of RURO’s new “On-Demand” Online Training Portal.

The free Enterprise Training Program is applicable to most new users and will use a two hour session format covering basic and “power user” system interaction with the purchased RURO Enterprise software, including a key primer on system configuration. The two hour session was designed to cover what our previous trainees have consistently dubbed “most valuable” content over time. More in-depth training programs, including the four and six hour formats of the Enterprise Training Program, are still available with content additional to the now included two hour program.

The “On Demand” Online Training Portal, also simply called On Demand Training, is an online database of instructional video content, trainee comprehension testing and other interactive exercises. Customers can sign up for monthly, individual or group access and take advantage of what many consider to be an effective method of addressing intermittent system use, high project or other turnover, and even a quick way to system mastery by immediately available, 24/7 access to learning tools.

For more product information on the Enterprise Training Program or On Demand Training, please visit, talk to your RURO representative, or email

“It became increasingly clear that most of our Enterprise customers wanted training and, those that did not [get training], later either told us directly or made it clear that they would have benefited. We don’t want anything to stop users from getting the best possible start with our systems,” says Alex Nikolaitchik, Head of Support at RURO.

“Several of RURO’s largest customers have been interested in On Demand Training and we are happy to be able to make this learning tool available to our entire user base,” says Tom Dolan, Director of Sales at RURO.

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