RURO Announces the Limfinity® Cloud, for Life Science Information Management

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FREDERICK, MD. (PRWEB) December 16, 2016

RURO Announces the® Cloud, for life science information management

RURO’s Limfinity® framework is now available on RURO’s Cloud and features a strong toolset for customers to configure to their own software requirements.

RURO, Inc., a leading LIMS, RFID and frozen sample management solutions provider, is excited to announce the release of Limfinity® Cloud. By making it a ready-to-configure data and process management solution, RURO has created a new way to offer its highly acclaimed Limfinity® software framework. The solution is designed to help laboratory IT get information management systems projects completed faster and with greater application stability.

The Limfinity® framework is installed in major laboratories across the world and provides inventory and workflow management to life science industry leaders including the top pharmaceutical companies, hospital networks, and government agencies. It is compliant according to 21 CFR Part 11, HIPAA, GXP and other quality and privacy standards. Now, customers may subscribe to their own Limfinity® Cloud and use the framework for their own requirements, with or without RURO services or other upfront costs.

“Releasing Limfinity® on its own has always been RURO’s intention,” says Vlad Lebedev, RURO’s Chief Executive Officer and Lead Systems Architect. “The framework is sufficiently featured and reliably stable, so I am thrilled for what it will be able to do for companies that need a software solution but have a modest budget. I wish I had access to Limfinity ® Cloud when I worked in IT at the National Institutes of Health over a decade ago!”

Customers subscribing to Limfinity ® Cloud will have their own web address, links to training videos and materials, and access to RURO training and consultation. Additional support, such as an advanced training course and joint application development with a RURO project team are also available. Limfinity® Cloud is ready to serve biobanks, clinical and environmental testing labs, DNA sequencing operations, the pharmaceutical development industry, among others.

Highlights of the Limfinity® framework toolsets:
• Custom requisition forms
• Data Model Designer
• Workflow Editor
• User Group and Role Manager
• Complete Search and Mining Tools
• Report and Barcode Generator
• Calendar, ELN, Chat & Discussions
• Powerful Scripting and APIs
• 21 CFR Part 11 compliant Audit Trail

“We believe that the Limfinity ® Cloud solution is now the fastest way for most IT teams to create a stable enterprise application,” says Maxim Didenko, RURO’s Chief Technological Officer.  “Almost all IT software development projects sink 70% or more of resources into creating the underlying data and framework structure and then addressing bugs – Limfinity® Cloud is designed to cut those efforts in half.”

With Limfinity® Cloud, scientific data and process management software; including data mining, reporting, user group management, dashboards, workflow management, data entry validation, error notification, and additional features; is all within reach of any small, talented IT team.

For more information on Limfinity® Cloud visit On the site, you can create demo and production accounts, watch product videos, and request a quote. You can also speak with a RURO representative at (888) 881-7876.

About RURO, Inc.
About RURO, Inc.
Founded in 2006, RURO specializes in Laboratory Information Management and RFID Solutions. RURO’s Limfinity is the informatics centerpiece in many of the world’s leading Translation Science programs and Biobanks. RURO’s RFID Solutions meet critical inventory management, tracking and security needs.

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