RURO, Inc.’s FreezerPro® Software Acquired by Brooks Automation, Inc.

Contact: Tom Dolan
RURO, Inc.

FREDERICK, MD. (PRWEB) August 24, 2017

RURO, Inc., a leading LIMS, LIS and laboratory management software solutions provider announced the sale of FreezerPro® and exclusive distribution rights of BiobankPro® to Brooks Automation, Inc. of Chelmsford, MA.
Brooks Automation acquired FreezerPro®, a web-based software which enables access to information on stored samples from any location on any device, to enhance its wide portfolio of sample management solutions. Paired with the acquisition, Brooks Automation also obtained an exclusive license agreement to sell and distribute RURO’s BiobankPro® software, which goes beyond the functionality of FreezerPro® with workflow management and advanced integration with external data sources and instruments.

“Brooks Automation offers comprehensive sample management solutions through an impressive roster of services, hardware and software solutions,” says Vlad Lebedev, RURO’s Chief Executive Officer and Lead Systems Architect. “With FreezerPro and BiobankPro, Brooks is now able to offer deeper support for the critical data operations of the world’s biobanks and sample collection laboratories.”

The sale and exclusive distributorship contribute to the growing success and landmark year of RURO. FreezerPro® and BioBankPro® expand Brooks Automation’s software offerings to a full range of informatics solutions that are able to address the needs of any size laboratory, biobank, or enterprise managing biological samples.

“What’s next for RURO? LimitLIS, RURO’s Laboratory Information System (LIS), continues to grow its market share, especially among laboratories in the field of toxicology,” comments Tom Dolan, RURO’s Chief Operating Officer. “Combined with our ISO 9001 certified deployment service for Limfinity® enterprise laboratory software solutions and our suite of validation and compliance services, RURO is poised to spring up everywhere.”

About RURO, Inc.
RURO, Inc. was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in the heart of Maryland’s biotechnology corridor. RURO develops state of the art computer software for research, biotechnological, pharmaceutical, healthcare, and government (homeland security) laboratories in the US and worldwide. RURO is a cloud and web-based applications leader that combines world-class innovation with industry experience so individuals can use computer software in new ways and places. For more information about RURO’s LimitLIS®, Limfinity® or to learn how the acquisition of FreezerPro® impacts your installation or cloud, please visit

About Brooks Automation
Brooks Automation is a leading provider of automation and cryogenic solutions for multiple markets worldwide including semiconductor manufacturing and life sciences. Brooks’ technologies, engineering competencies, and global service capabilities provide customers with the speed to market and ensure high uptime and rapid response, which equates to superior value in their mission-critical controlled environments. Since 1978, Brooks has been a leading partner to the global semiconductor manufacturing market. Since 2011, Brooks has applied its automation and cryogenics expertise to meet the sample storage needs of customers in the life sciences industry. Brooks’ life sciences offerings include a broad range of products and services for on-site infrastructure for sample management in temperatures of -20°C to -150°C, as well as comprehensive outsource service solutions across the complete life cycle of biological samples including collection, transportation, processing, storage, protection, retrieval, and disposal. Brooks is headquartered in Chelmsford, MA, with direct operations in North America, Europe and Asia. For more information, visit


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