Limfinity® NGS

Limfinity® NGS is a flexible solution for Next Generation Sequencing, currently deployed for several diverse applications, including pharmaceutical companies and hospitals. Limfinity® NGS provides invaluable process automation for sequencing. It is able to track sequencing steps in detail with sample barcoding, and has a particular focus on the sample preparation process. This system provides remote access to dynamic test request/sample tracking, vial storage module, and workflow management on the cloud. Users can access Limfinity® NGS from PCs and laptops. Like all Limfinity® products, Limfinity® NGS is easy to integrate with existing systems to facilitate proper access to and mobility of data.



Key Capabilities

Limfinity® NGS leverages the Limfinity® framework to provide customers with the ability to expand it to address unique system requirements.

  • Sample preparation tools
  • Process automation
  • Detailed sample and component tracking with barcodes
  • Library preparation
  • Reagent and supply tracking
  • Submission portals
  • Wide range of integration capabilities
  • Integration with computational analysis tools




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