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Limfinity® NGS leverages the Limfinity® platform to provide customers with the ability to expand it to address unique system requirements. Whether you want to interface instrument systems to import test results or interface your CTMS application with Limfinity® NGS, you can be confident Limfinity® NGS can address your future needs.

Library Prep

With Limfinity® NGS is possible to import data from instruments, track reagents, protocol, assay, check the index compatibility and more. Limfinity® NGS includes numerous library preparations for a wide variety of NGS methods, including whole-genome sequencing, targeted DNA sequencing, whole-transcriptome sequencing, and targeted RNA sequencing.

Test Request Registration

With Limfinity® NGS, you have a variety of ways to quickly add a Test Request including manual data entry, automated file imports or automated via HL7 integration. Additionally, Limfinity® NGS can also be integrated with other sources of Test Request via a powerful developer API.

Sample Prep

All Samples section provide a quick access to Samples Status. A sample can be ready for Accessioning, DNA/RNA Extraction, QC Control, Normalization, Pooling, Sequencing, Sequenced or In Storage. Users are then able to Open, Edit Samples, Print Barcode Labels or Store Samples. For each sample is also possible to see Sample lineage and act on them.

Advanced Data Mining

Limfinity® NGS includes Live, Batch, and Advanced Search functions. Users are able to create, save and run queries across the entire data base to perform deep data mining or quickly look up samples by barcode. Data from ad-hoc or saved queries can then be charted or exported.

Submission portal

The online portal is an optional module for Limfinity® NGS. The patient/client portal provides a searchable view of the Test request accessible to internal & external stakeholders.

Bioinformatics Analysis

Limfinity® NGS keep track of bioinformatics analysis for each sequenced sample. Users can easily track all the software versions and parameters used in a bioinformatic pipeline to analyze your raw data and upload final sequencing results.

Sequencing Runs

With Limfinity® NGS you can easily manage your sequencing run information (also with instrument integration) and track the raw data location. Limfinity® NGS can track information regarding loading concentration, lane, sample sheet, manifest file and then, once the run is completed, metrics, such as the total bases yielded, quality score, cluster density and more.

Processing and Sequencing

Limfinity® NGS manages all phases of NGS workflow. This includes granual phases such as Quality Control, DNA/RNA Extraction, Libraries Preparation, Normalization, Pooling, Sequencing Runs, and Bioinformatics Analysis. In each phase of the NGS workflow it is possible to document all peculiar data desired, Limfinity® NGS will keep track of them, i.e. decreasing the number of test available for reagents, till the final report.

DNA/RNA Extraction

Limfinity® NGS is able to record any DNA/RNA extraction methods and track them for subsequent downstream processes, analytical, or preparative purposes. It is possible to import data from instruments, track reagents, protocol and more.




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