Limfinity Pharmaceutical Sample Management

Pharmaceutical Sample Management

RURO’s ‘Pharmaceutical Sample Management’ solution is a centralized repository for managing all types of data and process records relevant to your banked samples including test/qc results, subject/patient demographics and clinic visits, storage information, as well as vendor/supplier information including Quotes and Purchase Orders. Data is fully searchable “up and down” the hierarchy of linked information, allowing laboratory users and administrators alike a high level of power to query relevant information in the system. The solution’s optional portal feature allows your laboratory to grant restricted access to vendors/suppliers to submit electronic files in a secured environment for processing, such as shipment manifests and quality test results. The solution is cloud-based, allowing your employees with login credentials to access data from anywhere in the world on their laptop, desktop, tablet, or smart phone. In short, RURO’s ‘Pharmaceutical Sample Management’ solution allows you to manage both the Business and the Biology of your laboratory samples.



Business Benefits

RURO’s ‘Pharmaceutical Sample Management’ solution allows you to manage both the Business and the Biology of your laboratory samples.

  • High quality data – validation checks and mandatory fields enforced. Codelists facilitate standardization of data
  • Limited manual data entry with support for instrument/software integrations and custom import scripts
  • Centralized repository for all sample, procurement, testing, and storage data
  • Flexible query engine – find samples and information or manage KPIs all within the central system
  • Web-based – nothing to install; SaSS delivery model negates the need for local server/IT support resulting in cost savings

Pharma Features

Vendor/Supplier Portal

A permissions-limited login area to allow your Vendors/Suppliers to submit files like Shipment Manifests, Quality Test Data, and any other supporting documents directly into your system without compromising any data. All files are stored directly in your system, eliminating the need to track files in separate software or employee emails.

Initiate and Track Sample Requests

Your lab performs many services and roles for your clients. A centralized and general ‘Sample Request’ record tracks client requests directly in the system and allows Laboratory Users to monitor the progress of linked actions/records including Vendor Quotes, Purchase Orders, Shipments, and/or any Laboratory workflows.

Formal Check-in/Check-out Processes

Laboratory Users can track shipments and formally accession samples individually or in batches. During the formal check-in, users can verify data, make annotations, initiate a discrepancy process (if needed), and store samples. During the formal checkout process, users record which samples are being transferred and to whom. Storage slots are freed for future use as samples are checked-out to others. These complete chain of custody records provide full information regarding sample time and location at your facility.

Specialized Tools: Auto-QC Data Files

RURO’s Pharmaceutical Sample Management solution includes a specialized tool for comparing your sample requirements to vendor manifest files. Simply input specified characteristics into the system (e.g. volume of 10ml or greater; must be blood and not serum; must be stabilized in EDTA; and must be from male human subjects), and the system compares the vendor’s manifest file against your criteria and returns a log for any samples that do not conform to specifications. This is an enormous time saver!

Enterprise-level Data Standardization

RURO’s solution helps your laboratory create and support consistency in data, data fields, standardized values, and links between data objects so that samples collected and stored in multiple locations around the globe can be shared within your organizations reliably and transparently.

Incorporate Financial Records

Our system optionally supports linking Quotes, Purchase Orders, and Invoices in the system, with direct links to all associated samples. This way, the financial details of your laboratory samples are stored in a central repository along with storage, test, and other biological information. Centralizing this data allows laboratory managers to monitor sample quality per vendor and allows procurement officers to track supplies, and much more.




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