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Brooks Acquires Laboratory Software Firm RURO Inc.


RURO Introduces Developers Program For Limfinity Platform


RURO Releases LimitLIS® 5.0 – Laboratory Information System Software


RURO Releases Limfinity® version 7.3 – Informatics Platform for Life Science


RURO Releases Limfinity® v7.2 – Informatics Platform for Life Science


RURO Named Leading Specialist


RURO Announces TV Commercial


Limfinity® Certification Training Program


RURO Releases Validated Limfinity® 7.1


RURO Announces Limfinity ML


RURO Set to Release LimitLIS® 4.0


RURO Releases Limfinity® 7.1


Limfinity® Continues Growth Trend


New Chief Compliance Officer


RURO Announces LimitLIS® Version 3.2


RURO Announces Limfinity® Version 7


RURO Announces New VP of Sales


RURO Releases LimitLIS® Toxicology Edition


RURO & Westox Labs Partnership Announce the Release of LimitLIS®: Point of Care
Testing Edition


RURO Releases BiobankPro®, an Off-The-Shelf Biobanking Solution!


RURO Announces the Release of LimitLIS® Version 3!


RURO Announces the Release of Limfinity® Version 6.5!


RURO Announces the Release of LimitLIS® v2.1


RURO releases Limfinity® v6.3. Now Available for Download.


RURO Releases LimitLIS®, a Contemporary Laboratory Information System


RURO Releases FreezerPro Version 7.1


RURO releases Limfinity® Framework Version 6.1


RURO Releases ezColony Cloud software for transgenic and knockout animal


RURO Releases Sciency ELN Cloud


RURO Releases version 7 of FreezerPro® software


RURO Releases FreezerPro® version 6.2


RURO Releases Limfinity® Version 5


RURO releases Limfinity®


RURO Releases White Paper on Creating the Modern Laboratory with LIMS 24/7


RURO releases LIMS 24/7 Version 4


RURO releases FreezerPro Add-On for Microsoft Excel


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