Limfinity Study Manager

Research Study Management

As the pressure on the industry to bring treatments to market and reduce clinical trial costs grows, researchers struggle to assemble reliable data from various sources within the increasingly distributed clinical research ecosystem. With more and more trials being conducted internationally, Limfinity® STM helps researchers to optimize patient recruitment and manage clinical trials efficiently while maintaining high standards of regulatory compliance, and keeps track of the overall study progression and specimen collection metrics.
Limfinity® STM, or StudyManager®, is a cloud-based, innovative solution that delivers clinical and pre-clinical trial design, specimen collections, and assay planning while monitoring patient consent and enrollment. Deployed as a single system accessible from any number of sites, CROs, or central labs, it tracks your clinical trial specimens while annotating them with clinical observations.



Frequent Questions by Coordinators

Specimen and study coordinators frequently ask themselves the following questions:

  • What samples were collected for the study?
  • Were the requirements for the visit fulfilled and were all the samples collected?
  • What happened to the samples and where are they now?
  • Which samples are available for further analysis and what has to be destroyed?
  • How many samples are left to collect and are we on track with our study collection plan?

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