Limfinity® Certification Training

RURO now offers a comprehensive 2-day training course on the Limfinity® framework program, the foundation of all RURO software products. The skills and knowledge gained in this course will allow clients more autonomy in customizing their solutions, implementing updates, and resolving support questions internally. This course can be taught by RURO staff either in person or remotely, and is tailored to admins, support staff, and end users based on the individual client’s needs. The Limfinity® Training Course will benefit anyone actively using RURO software, but it is especially valuable to clients with an in-house IT staff, as it will allow them to update or customize any RURO solution they own without contacting RURO support.
If you are interested in the Limfinity® Training Course, please contact us so our experts can design a course schedule to fit your requirements.


Interested In the Limfinity® Training Course?

If you think the Limfinity® Training Course is right for your facility, contact us for more information!

Limfinity User

Overall, I thought the process of developing with Limfinity 7.1 was amazing! I got a lot done and I was able to accomplish my tasks in only 2 days. It would have probably taken me at least 4-5 days to build the same functionality with older versions, so at least 50% productivity gain if not more.

-Limfinity User

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RURO’s Limfinity® Training Course was extremely helpful in getting an overview of the system. I came home with a thorough understanding that allowed me to start work immediately. The RURO training and support teams were very pleasant to work with and shared invaluable insights about how to manage a Limfinity deployment, bringing the experience far beyond a simple tutorial.

-Jacob Rabb - Limfinity Trainee




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